Many people are still in contention over whether or not they should buy organic produce. Some aren’t convinced of its benefits yet and some still think that it costs more than non-organically grown produce. But is the minute savings really worth it? Ingesting artificial hormones and chemicals like strong pesticides is definitely not good for anyone’s health. It is always a healthier option to go for food that has not been contaminated by chemicals like pesticides and hormones. However, if you must choose which ones to buy organic, here is the definitive list:


You must have heard about the importance of buying your poultry organic, but if you are going to choose which protein to buy organic, make it beef. Organically raised beef are free of the many antibiotics and hormones that non-organic cow are injected with. The estrogen like substance in particular that is given to cows can increase your risk of cancer according to Ted Schettler, the Science and Environmental Health Network’s science director.


There have been over 13 pesticides detected in non-organically farmed strawberries. Because of the strawberry’s surface and craters, it is difficult to wash off the chemicals that it has been exposed to. That sort of negates their super-food status. So it is highly recommended that you purchase organically produced strawberries from your local farmer’s market. Generally, it is better to go organic with your fruits.


Milk is supposed to give our body a healthy supply of calcium and other vitamins. However, the milk that we get from the supermarket may be doing us no good at all. A good 70% of the estrogen that we take in from the food items we eat come from dairy products. That is a huge amount coming from one source alone. What’s worrying is that non-organically grown cows are pumped with hormones like rBST which make them produce more milk. Not only that, they are also treated with the insulin–like substance IGF-1which is harmful for humans in such high amounts.


Celery has topped the list of the most pesticide contaminated fruits and vegetables which was conducted by the EWG. The reason for this is that the celery’s stalk is porous, making it easy for chemicals to permeate and be absorbed. Therefore, you can’t wash the pesticides off of it. That’s a shame because celery is packed with nutrients and is truly a superfood we can enjoy in many ways. EWG also advises shoppers to purchase organic potatoes and bell peppers for the same reason.

Leafy greens

The health benefits of leafy greens are unquestionable. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients that fuel our body. However, non-organically farmed leafy greens such as kale, spinach and lettuce for instance, are laced with harmful pesticides and chemicals. Farmers would spray pesticides on the greens to prevent bugs from munching holes in the leaves at the cost of introducing chemicals to the food. Organic leafy greens may not be as pretty as their non-organically farmed counterpart but they sure are healthier!

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