About Chilli Jam

I set up Chilli Jam following my travels and the love of Thai food and just got so enamoured by the beauty of their food.  In my understanding food is more than just about eating; we should enjoy the process of making it and use food to unleash the creativity within all of us.  Chilli Jam is most definitely about food, lots of food but it’s also about photography and community.  It will appeal to anyone who loves food on any level.

You will never feel out of place here because there is definitely a post, a recipe and a picture on Chilli Jam that is for you.  The site is specifically made to make people with the same love for food come together, interact and enjoy each post.

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My name is Darren. I have been working in the media for the last 17 years, with the majority of my time in TV Technical Operations, responsible for the ‘presentation’ output of BBC channels.

I have also been working as a freelance photographer since my studies at the Photography Institute came to an end, along with a sprinkling of freelance journalism.

My love for food goes back to watching Mum, Aunts and Grandmas in the kitchen, licking the cake mix from the mixing bowl. They made it all look so easy, having had knowledge passed down to them through the generations. Making cupcakes and stirring pots lead to cooking for myself.

Recently I realised that I wanted a new challenge and combining food and photography would be an exciting venture. So Chilli Jam was born! Further plans to expand the user experience are already under way and will keep me busy.

I am a professional photographer, now specialising in food photography and you can hire me. To see my work, go to my Portfolio the link above. Call me NOW on 07706 904235 to discuss your assignment or use the contact page here.




“You could say that I have a vested interest in Chilli Jam, as a regular cook, writing and a freelance photographer. I want this website to become the ‘one stop shop’ for information on cooking, recipes, tips and posting your own recipes – uniting the online food community.”