In need of some healthy breakfast, smoothie or brunch ideas to help your day get off to a flying start?  Well, here are a few simple ideas to get you started, all under 280 calories per serving.  We have tried to keep the calories down and your nutrition levels up; all the recipes can be adapted for your personal tastebuds.  The aim is to try and keep a balance of your fruit and vegetable intake, without overloading the body of too much sugar for example.

There is plenty of fruit and veg to choose from – some have more fibre, carbs and protein than others, although we all need some of this in our diets to keep fit and healthy, so don’t be too frightened about the levels, particularly if you’re very active.  Keep a careful eye on your salt, sugar and fat intake!


You can supplement the basics ingredients of course for additional nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, all of which have important qualities to aid digestion, inflammation, circulatory improvements and in some circumstances can actually help lower bad cholesterol.  You can read more about our Let’s get healthy series, along with recipes and other important facts about nutrition at our blog here.

To go to each of the recipes, just click on the links below.  Remember on the recipe page, you can print or email to yourself to read later.

crunch quinoa granola in a jarBreakfast:

Crunchy quinoa granola276 calories per 60 gr

Pancakes98 calories per pancake (excluding berries)

Breakfast smoothie173 calories


breakfast oat smoothieOther smoothie ideas:

Green zinger108 calories

Beetroot booster172 calories

Refresher71 calories


superfoodsBrunch ideas:

Healthy morning muffins158 calories

Oat ‘n fruit slices161 calories

Easy hummus154 calories (quarter serving)


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