• homemade bone broth in a bowl
2 Mar, 2016

All you need to know about bone broth

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Broth, which is technically a stock, is a marriage of mineral rich bones with vegetables, herbs and spices.  Perfect as a stock for flavouring soups, risottos an the base to many sauces.  The broth itself can be eaten as a soup, plain and simple. I feel that stock is the modern name used by nearly [...]

  • peas and pea pods
29 Feb, 2016

Peas in a pod – fresh peas

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Fresh peas can only mean one thing here in the UK - Spring is on its way and we can start enjoying those fresh, green and lighter vegetables and banish away those heavier veg from the winter. Peas for me are all part of my childhood memories.  My father would grow them in the garden [...]

  • meals from leftovers graphic
19 Feb, 2016

12 meal ideas from leftovers

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"Leftovers or excess food need not be waste!" At a time when some food prices soar, food poverty is prevalent and a huge media campaign to highlight communities starving around the world.  I'm not going to get sanctimonious about how we shouldn't waste so much food, but it has been an education to think more [...]

  • basic salad (vinaigrette) dressing
16 Feb, 2016

A salad dressing maketh the dish

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So, you go off to the shops and invest time and money in purchasing some lovely fresh ingredients, vegetables and maybe a piece of lovely salmon or tuna to go with your healthy salad.  You get home wash it, carefully arrange it on the plate and sit down to tuck into your healthy lunch or [...]

  • super healthy rusks on wire rack
15 Feb, 2016

Rusks (beskuit)

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Rusks or in Afrikaans beskuit (dry biscuit) is a very traditional South African recipe.  It is a dry biscuit or cake and there are many variations.  The main and most popular version is buttermilk (direct translation of this version is karringmelk beskuit).  I would say 'as an honorary South African (I married one) that rusks [...]

  • apricot, cinnamon & olive oil cupcakes with italian meringue frosting
15 Feb, 2016

Healthy alternative for cake decorating

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Have you ever wished you could find that perfect, healthy alternative to cream cheese or sugar frosting?  But there's only so much you can change right?  Full-fat to low fat cream cheese, but that makes the icing sloppy or reduce a bit of sugar out of guilt, but then that affects the taste.  You could [...]

  • bottle of oil - coconut oil, rapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil
9 Feb, 2016

Comparison of cooking oils – good or bad?

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With so many different types of oil on the supermarket shelves, can we be sure which are the healthy and unhealthy oils and which is best for cooking?  I have to confess that I too have become blinkered with the plethora of bottles and mentions on the internet of so called 'healthy' oils.  At the [...]

  • living earth apple cider vinegar bottles
8 Feb, 2016

Benefits from apple cider vinegar

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Here are just a few reasons why more people are drinking apple cider vinegar (ACV) with signs that it can improve your health: Stamina and energy Physical exertion and in some case, extreme stress cause a build up of lactic acid in the body, particularly in muscles and causes fatigue.  Amino acids in apple cider [...]

  • matcha green tea caddy, teaspoon and powder
8 Feb, 2016

Cup of tea (cha) – matcha tea?

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People say that Britain is a nation of tea drinkers and we love a cup of cha (although we don't really call it these today), rather the process of the actual drinking I think.  Well, we're certainly used to black or brewed tea.  Some trendy teas, fruit teas and decaf teas are becoming more popular, [...]

  • Plaatkoekies (Crumpets)
8 Feb, 2016


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Yes as a child here in the UK, we always celebrated Shrove Tuesday as 'Pancake Day.'  Lemon and sugar and then rolled up.  Probably a bit dull by today's standards of varying toppings or fillings...Sweet or savoury fillings? What is Shrove Tuesday and why pancakes?  They are traditionally eaten on this day because they contain [...]