Chilli Jam website launch – an exciting site for the whole online food community.

The concepts behind the website launch of Chilli Jam are simple. We want to be a one stop website for everything food related. Now that’s a big claim but we are and we will be working towards it with your help. What sets us apart from other food blogs out there is that we appeal to all kinds of food aficionados from stay at home Mums, foodies and food photographers. Yes, before I finally gave in to my food calling, I was a photographer. So expect not only food talk but lots of food pictures as well. What should you expect from Chilli Jam?

Be able to search for amazing recipes easily:

  • You can use the Chilli Jam website to search for recipes using basic keywords or by cuisines in our archives.

Show-off your cooking skills:

  • Chilli Jam is a platform that is open for everyone who loves to make and eat food. We have a section dedicated for cooks who want to upload their recipes and have a discussion with other Chilli Jammers about it.

Look up great time saving cooking tips and new techniques:

  • Each and every one of us has different preferences and eating habits. Chilli Jam aims to cater to all kinds of people, therefore we have cooking techniques and recipes that relate to everyone.

Print off recipes in an easy to read format that you can use later and keep:

  • Chilli Jam is a reader and printer friendly website that will let you store your favourite recipes, articles or blogs so you can go back to them later once you need them.

FREE monthly newsletter with more exciting recipes, tips and reviews of products

  • We will also be giving out free newsletters to our avid readers and members that are packed with all your favourite articles and recipes.

Pictures, pictures, more food pictures!

  • As photographers we’ll have a gallery of fantastic food images to make your mouth water! You can go through all of our food photographs and enjoy looking at some amazing captures.

Read impartial reviews of products and equipment.

  • Chilli Jam isn’t like one of those sponsored blogs who run good reviews of products for monetary incentives. You can be rest assured that all the reviews that will be posted on Chilli Jam are as honest and as balanced as possible.

Registered users can create their own shopping lists from ANY recipe(s) on the site – COMING SOON

  • This is one of the features that we are most excited about! Ever had one of those moments when you find a great recipe online and had to take out a paper and pen and manually write each ingredient one by one for your shopping list? Worry no more! You can create your own shopping list on Chilli Jam based on any recipe that can be found on our site and easily print it out.

We are looking forward to taking this food journey along with other people who love food and food photography just as much as we do at Chilli Jam!  Read more about us at

Thank you in advance for your kind support.  Without it, we cannot make this a sharing platform for everyone.  So, subscribe now to keep up to date each month with our news and allow us to bring fabulous recipes straight to your inbox. Please don’t forget to show your support by liking our page on Facebook, or sending the word out via Twitter.  Share a love for food and exciting new ideas like we do!

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