We have been working behind the scenes to increase our website functions. Some of which have been directly requested by YOU!

Shopping lists

Every user can now create their own shopping lists by selecting a single or multiple recipes into lists.  Just tick which ingredients you need, then print it out, which will break down each ingredient into a group, i.e. meat, fish, dairy and larder – making it easier to locate items, as you walk around the supermarket.


We have given you the ability to bookmark recipes when you are logged in.  You will find these listed in the sidebar on the right, which means you can come back to them later, without having to complete another search.  This can be helpful if you are not connected to a printer.

Nutrition labels

These have been extended to show facts with daily percentages (where information is available).  Bear with us as we update older recipes to display these.  All new recipes automatically have these.  If you are uploading your own recipes, just click on the nutrition link when you submit the recipe.

Other features:

More accurate search facility across our website. To give you a wider search tool across our recipes, we now include recipe titles, as well as ingredients. This should allow you to find what you want, first time.

Enhanced viewer experience on mobiles and tablets (work is still taking place to have ingredients displayed better on smaller devices).

Site speed has been increased for quicker loading of pages.

We always love receiving feedback from our visitors (good and bad).  In fact we encourage you to get in touch – contact us via the feedback form on our Contact page or drop us an email at: info@chillijamuk.com