Are you confused over how many or quantity of eggs to use when they are mixed sizes?

Buying a batch of mixed eggs are frankly cheaper.  However, when it comes to baking (and I was the same at first), it can be both confusing and daunting to know how many to use, especially for something precise like cake mixture.

Because not all eggs meet the medium or large grade, they often get rejected by some food buyers.  I fail to see why they should be rejected for this reason alone.  Some of the supermarkets have seen sense and now sell them in large boxes as ‘mixed size’ and they are generally cheaper per egg to purchase.

Quite simple really – weigh them and they should equal or be just over the fat content of the recipe.  To give you an example with a sponge cake; (4oz butter, sugar and flour to 3 eggs).  Based on the weight below this equates to 5oz, so fits within the range of fat content.

Weighing eggs on my own kitchen scales, it does seem to confirm what is written on the internet.  This might help you in deciding how much for each recipe:

  • Medium: about 1.70 oz, or 48gr per egg
  • Large: about 2.125 oz, or 60gr per egg
  • Extra large: about 2.25 oz or 64gr per egg

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