Is it necessary to roll your fruit, I hear you ask!  Does it really sound that strange?  Maybe, but it’s a classic tip, tried and tested many times and taught to me by a chef.

So, take the fruit and gently roll it backwards and forwards with your palm on top.  The reason for doing this before using juicing the fruit is to break those membranes around each segment or capsule inside the fruit’s fresh, where all the juice is held.  It will make the juicing quicker, but the most improvement will be seen if you squeeze the fruit through your hands, in the absence of a juicer and just a knife, it is actually the most efficient way to go.

Another way is microwaving the fruit for about 10 seconds.  I saw this tip given out on American TV. I’ve not tried it, but it looked convincing enough and seemed to have the same effect, minus the effort of rolling.  One explanation seemed to be that the microwaves penetrating the fruit seemed to agitate the flesh and make it easier for the juice to escape, when opened.  I guess something to do with molecules, but Science was never my strong point at school…

Either way, you’ll end up with the maximum amount of juice, less effort and the most efficient ways at extracting the juice.

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