If like me you regularly bake bread at home, which frankly does not require me to spell out the advantages of that over shop bought bread, you will notice that the bread doesn’t last as long.

The preservatives and god knows what else that goes into the bread to last longer is nothing compared to the taste and achievement of freshly baked bread.  I love the house filling with that smell and then cutting off the heel (crust), while it’s still warm as my reward.

I have pondered for some time about something natural and not detrimental to the taste and texture at prolonging the life of a home baked loaf.

I now have the answer!!  Vitamin C. 

Yes, I know, I too was sceptical about this.  You simply crush up a vitamin C tablet up with the dry ingredients when baking and you will noticeably see the life of your fresh loaf extended.  I can’t give you a time frame, as it depends on conditions, storage and the type of bread baked, but trust me when I tell you it works with standard white, wholemeal and brown loaves.

This tip was recently given to me by chef Jacqueline Wise, as she hosted a dinner/anniversary party at my house.  Thank you Jacqueline for this!

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