” Think of your kitchen like a production line and work cleanly “

The most commonly made mistake I feel when working in the kitchen, is how we all plan out cooking a meal or several dishes.  By that I mean task planning.  Say you are cooking more than one dish requiring the same ingredient, say you require three onions; many of us will prepare our ingredients, dish by dish, rather than by meal.  We wash the board and knife and go back and repeat the same task.

From now on, I am suggesting that all the prep is done at once, one complete task at a time.  For example, group ingredients across your dishes, cut, chop or peel all the same ingredients at once and then transfer to a large bowl, wash the board down and then you can go onto the next task. This way, if you follow each of these simple steps you, will not need to be moving backwards and forwards around the kitchen, to the waste bin, constantly cleaning utensils, which will make you more efficient in the kitchen.  This will also allow you to concentrate on preparing for the next task and you are less likely to forget an ingredient – worse still that happens while you are cooking and things are at risk from burning.

So, think of your kitchen like a factory production line; one ingredient at a time from start to finish.  I’ll use onions again as an example.  Halve, then peel, then slice or dice and put into a bowl.  Get rid of the waste, clear down your board and wash your knife.  Now you can move onto your next task.

Follow this simple process to ALL of your tasks and you’ll find over time that it will become second nature.  This will reduce your time spent in the kitchen and will make you more efficient, also working neater, cleaner and become more organised.  To some, it might even make the kitchen experience more enjoyable!

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