• smoky prawn and tomato casserole
19 Feb, 2016

Smoky prawn and tomato casserole

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For such a simple and healthy dish, this meal really does pack a punch.  It is tangy, rich and smoky and with the prawns, it is rich in protein, but low in carbs and calories.  Perfect evening meal, accompanied with a large glass of sauv blanc and some crusty bread (I cannot be held accountable [...]

  • asian style tuna burger with chilli jam
15 Feb, 2016

Asian style tuna burgers

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Tuna is a versatile and meaty fish.  rich in omega 3 fatty acids (good fat)  and high protein (60g per 100g) and about 10% of daily required potassium.  It is full of flavour with these typical Asian ingredients.  I substitute a portobello mushroom for a burger bun and serve with a large helping of veggies, [...]

  • poached salmon in creme fraiche
5 Feb, 2015

Salmon in crème fraîche with greens

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Salmon in crème fraîche with greens - This salmon dish is nothing short of flavoursome and the fish is moist, as it is poached in stock and creme fraiche. Peas, leeks and spring onions are your greens. High in omega-3 and low fat. - sunflower or vegetable oil, leek (thinly sliced), chicken or fish stock, [...]

  • asian style salmon
25 Jan, 2015

Asian style salmon

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Asian style salmon - This dish is simple to prepare and cook in under 15 minutes. Takes on some lovely Asian flavours from the marinade and can be served with stir fry vegetables and noodles. Rice noodles if you're looking for a low calorie dish. - salmon fillets (about 150g each skinless), dijon mustard, soy [...]

  • fishcakes and hollandaise
5 Jan, 2015


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Fishcakes - Fishcakes are a great way to use up leftover mashed potato. Serve with hollandaise or tartare sauce and salad. - mixed fish (cod, coley or hake, haddock, salmon, smoked haddock), mashed potato, fresh parsley (chopped), egg (beaten), salt and pepper (freshly ground), vegetable oil (for frying), Heat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5.; Put [...]

  • seabass with curried lentils
30 Dec, 2014

Roasted seabass with curried lentils

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Roasted seabass with curried lentils - - Sea bass: sea bass fillets (skin on, but trimmed), olive oil, salt and pepper (freshly ground), lentils: olive oil, onion (medium, finely diced), medium curry powder, saffron, puy lentils, fish stock (to cover), plum tomatoes (ripe - skinned and deseeded), mussels (cooked), clams (cooked), flat leaf parsley, double [...]

  • gilt head sea bream
1 Dec, 2014

Panfried seabream with salsa verde

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Panfried seabream with salsa verde - Simple, quick and tasty fish course - serve with cannellini bean mash, with drizzled salsa verde and olive oil. Known in Italian as filetto di orata ccon salsa verde. - seabream fillets (must be very fresh), salt and pepper, plain flour, olive oil (extra for drizzling), Prepare the salsa [...]

  • gilt head sea bream
23 Nov, 2014

Seabream with fennel and brandy

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Seabream with fennel and brandy - This is a dish with real punch. Brandy and chili, as well as the spice of the seeds. In Italian known as Orata con semi di finocchio e brandy. - seabream fillets (cut in half), flour (for dredging), sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, fennel seeds (crushed), anchovy fillets, [...]

14 Nov, 2014

Black bream in salt

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Black bream in salt - The flavour of this dish should be very delicate. The salt crust traps the flavour inside. In Italy it is known as Orata nera in crosta di sale. For this dish, use a mixture of herbs, as long as they amount to 3 tablespoons. - black bream (wash, weighing approx [...]

3 Nov, 2014

White fish stock

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White fish stock - Fish heads give a lot of flavour. I keep a stock of them and fish bones in the freezer. The stock in Italian is known as fumetto di pesce. - fish bones (1 fish head and bones from 2 fish), celery stalk and heart (chopped), carrot (roughly chopped), white onion (cut [...]