• sesame seed topped white bread rolls on a rack
17 Feb, 2016

Quick n easy bread rolls

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What could be more satisfying that producing your own dough and baking a loaf or batch of bread rolls.  The smell that fills the house is tempting enough.  There really isn't that much to bread making and if you've never tried, this simple six step recipe will have you well on your way.  I have [...]

  • spicy parsnip soup
7 Jan, 2016

Spicy parsnip soup

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Spicy parsnip soup - Parsnips make a great autumnal vegetarian starter or a hearty lunch with homemade bread. - rapeseed oil, onion (sliced), garlic cloves (sliced), fresh ginger (grated), parsnips (peeled & chopped), chilli powder (optional), cumin seeds, coriander seeds, garam masala, vegetable stock, crème fraîche, to serve: olive oil, cumin seeds (toasted), red chilli [...]

  • rustic date and fig bread in basket
16 Nov, 2015

Rustic date and fig bread

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Rustic date and fig bread - Bursting with fruit and a sweet flavour, this sourdough-style bread combines two types of dough and bakes in just 20 minutes. - starter dough: wholemeal flour, fast action yeast, water, 2nd dough: wholemeal flour, strong white flour, salt, butter (melted), treacle, water, figs, dates (stoned), starter dough: In a [...]

  • courgette fritters and salad
30 Oct, 2015

Courgette fritters

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Courgette fritters - Also know as zucchini, these veggie fritters are great for a last minute snack, or as part of a meal substituting potatoes. I often mix the courgette with carrot to give it a sweeter edge. Very moreish! - courgettes (grated), plain flour, large eggs (lightly beaten), salt, spring onions (chopped), fat free [...]

  • quinoa grains
21 Aug, 2015

Perfectly cooked quinoa

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Perfectly cooked quinoa - A complete protein and fantastic wheat-free alternative and almost undetectable for people with coeliac disease. Very versatile and hearty ingredient. - quinoa (rinsed), water, fine sea salt, Rinse the quinoa very well. Put in a large saucepan with the water, adding a pinch of salt.; Cook on high for 5 minutes, [...]

  • citrus sunshine chicken quinoa salad
21 Aug, 2015

Sunshine chicken quinoa salad

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Sunshine chicken quinoa salad - A light summery hearty dish with creamy avos, nutty quinoa (healthy alternative to rice) and smoky chicken. Gluten and dairy free and is very flexible with ingredients. Perfect for light dinner or easy lunch. - chicken breast (skinless pieces), quinoa (washed and cooked), oranges (peeled and segmented), avocado (peeled and [...]

  • white bread dough
24 May, 2015

Perfect bread dough

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Perfect bread dough - A perfect dough recipe every time. Time is needed if you are hand baking, but you can use these ingredients as a basic bread recipe in a bread machine. - strong white bread flour, dried yeast, sugar, salt, water, Keep the dry and wet ingredients separate until you are ready to [...]

  • Soda bread with cheddar, mustard and thyme
10 May, 2015

Soda bread with thyme, cheddar & mustard

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Soda bread with thyme, cheddar & mustard - Based upon the traditional Irish soda bread recipe, but with a twist. Rather than plain bread, this has the great combination of cheddar cheese and mustard with pungent thyme. - soda flour (can use plain flour + bicarbonate of soda), wholemeal flour, buttermilk, milk, cheddar cheese, thyme [...]

  • spicy prawn, mango and black rice
5 May, 2015

Spicy prawn, mango salad & black rice

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Spicy prawn, mango salad & black rice - A delicious Thai inspired rice dish, with prawns, hot chilli, fresh mango, avocado and crispy red cabbage salad and sharp lime wedges. What is there not to like? The nutty texture of the rice and crunch from the red cabbage prevents this dish from becoming all one [...]

  • spring vegetables; asparagus, peas, green beans
1 May, 2015

Spring vegetable tagliatelle in lemon sauce

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Spring vegetable tagliatelle in lemon sauce - Utilising all the fresh spring vegetables that come into season with this equally fresh pasta dish in a tangy lemon and chive sauce. - spring vegetables (choice of green beans, asparagus, broad beans, peas), tagliatelle, shallots (finely diced), green chilli (finely chopped), lemon, dijon mustard, olive oil, chives [...]