• bone broth/chicken stock
1 Mar, 2016

Bone broth

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Broth, also known as stock is an almost clear liquid, very light in both colour and flavour.  It is rich in protein and thin in texture.  It is made by cooking the bones of meat, fish or poultry, allowing the rich minerals to be extracted into the liquid broth.Bone broth - A healthy broth/soup that [...]

  • pea and ham soup
29 Feb, 2016

Pea and ham soup

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The first thing you see about pea soup is the vibrancy of the dish, which is equally matched by the freshness and sweetness that comes through from the peas.  There are few ingredients here, so the peas really do speak for themselves.  If you can make the chicken or vegetable stock, then you will have [...]

  • spicy vegetable soup with croutons
11 Feb, 2016

Spicy vegetable soup

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Spicy vegetable soup - This is a hearty, winter dish that can be enjoyed by all. Simply omit the pancetta for a fully vegetarian version (I've used a home-made vegetable stock as the base). Serve with crusty bread or rustic croutons. - onion (roughly chopped), garlic, vegetable stock (or stock cubes), tomato puree, sweet potatoes, [...]

  • asparagus soup
19 Apr, 2015

Creamy asparagus soup

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Creamy asparagus soup - Packs a nutritional punch, with high levels of vitamins A and C, potassium, iron and calcium, and they're also diuretic, combined with added spinach, this dish combines 2 a day portions and perfect for vegetarians. - butter (or olive oil), olive oil, asparagus spears (stalks chopped, wood ends discarded), shallots (roughly [...]

  • spicy chicken noodle soup laksa
25 Feb, 2015

Spicy chicken noodle soup

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Spicy chicken noodle soup - This dish is also referred to as Laksa, with origins in Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. It is a healthy and low calorie dish that can be made with chicken or prawns. Give a spicy kick and is filling as a main course. - onion (diced), red chillies (diced - use [...]

  • sweet pepper soup
24 Feb, 2015

Sweet pepper soup

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Sweet pepper soup - This recipe has been tried and tested by a friend and given to me on a scrap of paper. A 3 colour pepper soup with tomatoes is a little different, with the addition of paprika and mustard. It packs flavour, is low calorie and you'll be wanting to go back for [...]

  • potato and leek soup
31 Jan, 2015

Potato & leek soup

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Potato & leek soup - Delicious and creamy winter soup, perfect for those leftover root vegetables. Serve with a drizzle of crème fraîche and home-made bread. - sunflower or vegetable oil (or sunflower oil), onion (large - sliced), potatoes (peeled and cubed), leeks (large - slliced), vegetable stock, carrot (large - sliced), crème fraîche (optional), [...]

  • turkey and noodle soup
4 Jan, 2015

Turkey noodle soup

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Turkey noodle soup - This is a great soup, made in under 20 minutes in ONE pot and only requires the minimum of effort. You can use turkey or chicken for this recipe. I use it for leftover meat and vegetables, usually after a Sunday roast. - chicken stock (or vegetable stock), carrots (small - [...]

  • broccoli and stilton soup
2 Jan, 2015

Broccoli & stilton soup

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Broccoli & stilton soup - A great tasting,smooth and creamy; popular during the winter months. A smooth blended vegetable soup with blue cheese that's a great comforting meal or just as good for a dinner party starter. - vegetable oil, onion (finely chopped), celery (sliced), leek (sliced), potato (medium - diced), sunflower or vegetable oil, [...]

  • butternut and red pepper soup
5 Oct, 2014

Butternut squash, pepper & chilli soup

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Butternut squash, pepper & chilli soup - A tasty, wholesome and healthy soup. Perfect for those winter days and served with fresh crusty bread. - butternut squash (peeled and roughly chopped), red onion (peeled and sliced), garlic (peeled and lightly crushed), red peppers (deseeded and chopped), stock (chicken/vegetable), olive oil, salt and pepper, chillies (crushed [...]