Changing your eating habits alone may not yield the fitness results that you are looking for.

Fitbit is a new discovery to me.

I realised that something needed to be done, as it’s additional exercise that I require.  In the past I have done a 5:2 diet, but diets only last for a limited period of time and need something more permanent.  I am a person that gives up if I can’t see results quickly.  How many of you are like that too?

For some time, I have been using myfitnesspal has been used to log my daily food habits etc.  I have worked out a goal to try and lose 1kg per week, but have flat-lined for the past 6 weeks, which has really frustrated me, as I’ve been following the calorie reduction.  I’m trying not to think of a diet per se, but changes, as part of a longer lifestyle change.

Having read about Fitbit and seen all the media coverage hype about their products, I thought (unusually) that I would get on the bandwagon and give it a go.  While it is very early days, as I’ve only had the product for 3 weeks, I have found myself using it to monitor my habits, sleep patterns and general activity.  The only downside is that I started to obsess with how many steps I had taken in the day, but now it is more a casual glance at some point during the day to see where I am and if I need to increase my movement to reach the daily goal.

Setup is simple – I have it sync’d with my smartphone and data is shared with myfitnesspal and the Fitbit app.  This way, with minimum intervention, I have a full set of daily stats.  So I just enter my food details into the myfitnesspal app and use Fitbit for the activity and sleep recordings.  At the end of the day, I switch on the bluetooth functionality and it imports all the data from the wrist unit, straight into the smartphone app, which migrates across to myfitnesspal.

My partner is doing the same, with the addition of data imports from the GPS Garmin unit for the bike rides, as well as Strava.  Don’t worry about having more than one FitBit in the same house, providing you each have your account sync’d and setup on a different computer and/or smartphone, you should be ok, from my experience.  It ‘pairs’ with a device and asks for a four digit code, so it knows which device to connect with.

Logging into my dashboard (as well as phone), I can see how close I am to my daily goals; steps, distance walked, calories burnt, stairs.  It also shows reminders of water intake and quality of your sleep.  I keep my Fitbit on all the time, except when showering or doing the washing up as it’s not waterproof.

fitbit dashboard

I have found myself walking further to achieve a daily goal of 10,000 steps.  Even when I reach that goal, I have walked further to get to the next goal.  This is positive action and part of the big plan to shed weight and tone up.  When you reach certain goals, you get a badge.  Who doesn’t like to see themselves being rewarded with badge.  It is a sense of achievement, however small.  It is a sign to yourself that changes have been made.  If you have friends on FitBit, you can compete with them with daily/weekly steps as further motivation, should it be needed.

Fitbit Aria scales has become a surprise purchase off the back of my fitbit charge.  I am very happy to know that I can also monitor my weight, body fat % and BMI.  The whole family can use it, as it can recognise and weigh 7 family members.  Using wi-fi it will send the results to your fitbit account, without you needing to enter recordings.  What I also like is that it sends details to your account, even if you don’t have the computer switched on and sync’s to your account when you do an update, on a laptop or smartphone.

Anything that we do to aid health and wellness has to be a bonus!

I am not paid by or have any association with FitBit, but I have noticed results and want to share them with you.


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