At Chilli Jam, we’d like to encourage users to upload their favourite recipes to share with others.  Should you need any help with submitting recipes at Chilli Jam, here are some helpful hints.  See below an example of the submit recipe screen.

Chilli Jam submit recipe screen

  • In the recipe title, please give your recipe a name (try and keep it brief).
  • Featured image is an image you can upload for your recipe (669px x 396px is the best size).
  • Please select the course, cuisine and skill level from the drop down menus.
  • In the description field, type what you’d like to say about the dish/recipe.
  • Servings – please enter the quantity or the number of people it will serve; Prep time – how long it takes to prepare the dish; Cook time – how long to cook.  You can add extra notes at the side in the second boxes.
  • Please enter your ingredients (use tab to move to the next field).  Use quantity, then measurement, ingredient and then notes. Tab to next line allows you to add the next one and repeat until done.  You can just click add ingredient if you prefer.
  • If you are using different sets of ingredients, add group and use a name, i.e. pastry and then one for filling.
  • You can do the same for method/instructions.
  • Use the recipe notes for any variations you might like to tell users about.

Shopping lists

There is now functionality for users to create multiple shopping lists via the Menus option from the main menu.  You will be given two options.  Your menus (for already created lists) and create menu to create a new shopping list.

When creating a new shopping list, give it a name and then use the pull-down menu to add the recipe(s).  Change the servings for each recipe in order to get the correct quantities.  Click the individual ingredient(s) that you DON’T require on your shopping trip (they will be struck through when printed out).  When finished, select save.  You can print your shopping list at any time.

Please feel to email us if you cannot solve the problem by going to our contact page.