• fat free & sugar free fruit cake
29 Oct, 2015

Fat-free & sugar-free fruit cake

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I know that fruit cake can be a bit like Marmite.  You either like dried fruit, love a Christmas cake or pudding or give it a wide berth!  Don't overlook this recipe quite yet. Yes, this recipe has dried fruit at its core, but isn't in anyway heavy, dense or calorific as you might expect. [...]

21 Sep, 2014

Congress tarts

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Congress tarts - These are amazing. Buttery pastry filled with jam and almond filling (llike frangipane). This is an old recipe left by my grandmother. While the size of her cup measurements is a mystery, many family members have tried to replicate this recipe. - Filling: melted butter, caster sugar, egg (beaten), ground rice, almond [...]