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7 Jan, 2016

Vanilla panna cotta with citrus fruit

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Vanilla panna cotta with citrus fruit - A light panna cotta - the basil infused citrus fruit and jelly layer adds a fresh dimension to this dessert. - citrus jelly: citrus fruit juice (orange, grapefruit and lemon (to taste)), sugar, gelatin (1 sheet), vanilla panna cotta: gelatin (4 sheets), milk, whipping cream, sugar, vanilla beans, [...]

  • caldesi linguine
6 Oct, 2014

Linguine caldesi

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Linguine caldesi - Linguine with tomato, chilli and cream. - olive oil, red onion (finely chopped), Chilli (amount to taste), garlic (peeled and lightly crushed), salt and pepper, italian plum tomatoes, vegetable stock or water (optional), double cream, basil leaves, parmesan cheese (finely grated), Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the onion, [...]