• bone broth/chicken stock
1 Mar, 2016

Bone broth

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Broth, also known as stock is an almost clear liquid, very light in both colour and flavour.  It is rich in protein and thin in texture.  It is made by cooking the bones of meat, fish or poultry, allowing the rich minerals to be extracted into the liquid broth.Bone broth - A healthy broth/soup that [...]

  • italian meatballs
19 Feb, 2016

Simple Italian meatballs

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Mention meatballs, who turns their noses up at this meal.  There are many ways with many ingredients, but this recipe has been condensed down to save time and money.  For a variety, why not mix up the pork mince with some beef mince (lean of course).  If you have no mince about, you could always [...]

  • Mango & asparagus smoothie
16 Apr, 2015

Mango & asparagus smoothie

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Mango & asparagus smoothie - This smoothie is filling and the avocado adds a creamy texture to the drink. It's fat content is healthy fat, but you can leave out if you want lower fat. Ingredients help cholesterol lowering, rich in protein, Vitamin C and helps speed up metabolism. - carrot (peeled and roughly chopped), [...]

  • veggie classic smoothie
1 Feb, 2015

Veggie classic smoothie

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Veggie classic smoothie - 4 simple ingredients with added wheatgrass powder, giving a boost of extra vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants. - broccoli (2 small florets), bell pepper (red), carrot (peeled), orange (skin removed), water, wheatgrass powder, Put all ingredients in the blender and blitz. You will probably need to add extra water [...]

  • potato and leek soup
31 Jan, 2015

Potato & leek soup

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Potato & leek soup - Delicious and creamy winter soup, perfect for those leftover root vegetables. Serve with a drizzle of crème fraîche and home-made bread. - sunflower or vegetable oil (or sunflower oil), onion (large - sliced), potatoes (peeled and cubed), leeks (large - slliced), vegetable stock, carrot (large - sliced), crème fraîche (optional), [...]

  • Green godess smoothie
21 Jan, 2015

Green goddess smoothie

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Green goddess smoothie - Pear make this drink a perfect bowel mover! It is high in Vitamins A, C & K helping keep healthy bones/tissue and eyes. A good immune system booster and anti-inflammatory. It is high in fibre and that helps prevent fat storage, while low in saturated fats (healthy cholesterol). - kiwi (peeled), [...]

  • banana and spinach smoothie
13 Jan, 2015

Banana & spinach smoothie

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Banana & spinach smoothie - 3 simple ingredients needed; banana, spinach and carrot with your choice of almond/skimmed milk or coconut water. This smoothie enhances fat burning, high in dietary fibre (known as roughage), prevents fat storage. High in Vitamins A & K for good skin, strengthen immune system and strong bones. - banana (ripe), [...]

3 Nov, 2014

White fish stock

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White fish stock - Fish heads give a lot of flavour. I keep a stock of them and fish bones in the freezer. The stock in Italian is known as fumetto di pesce. - fish bones (1 fish head and bones from 2 fish), celery stalk and heart (chopped), carrot (roughly chopped), white onion (cut [...]

21 Sep, 2014

Sausage and bean hot pot

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Sausage and bean hot pot - An easy and hearty winter casserole for the whole family - even the kids will enjoy this one! - pork sausagemeat, potatoes, carrot (peeled and sliced), onion (peeled and sliced), baked beans, stock (chicken or vegetable), Place half the sausagemeat in the bottom of a casserole dish, followed by [...]