• turkey meatballs in a thai coconut soup
29 Feb, 2016

Turkey meatballs with thai coconut soup

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Turkey meatballs with thai coconut soup - This classic Thai coconut broth/soup is super healthy with turkey meatballs, keeping the calories of this dish in trim. The soup gets its rich flavour from your typical Thai ingredients: coconut milk, garlic, ginger, lime juice and chillies. - coriander stalks (small packet), garlic, turkey mince, fish sauce, [...]

  • rustic sausage cassoulet
16 Nov, 2015

Sausage cassoulet

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Sausage cassoulet - A filling and tasty crowd pleaser of a dish for the whole family. Sausage casserole with tomatoes and chick peas with a gratin style crunchy topping. - pork sausages (good quality), rapeseed oil, onion (finely chopped), garlic (finely chopped), bacon (lardons/pancetta), dry white wine, chopped tomatoes, carrots (sliced (optional)), salt, black pepper, [...]

  • caldesi linguine
6 Oct, 2014

Linguine caldesi

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Linguine caldesi - Linguine with tomato, chilli and cream. - olive oil, red onion (finely chopped), Chilli (amount to taste), garlic (peeled and lightly crushed), salt and pepper, italian plum tomatoes, vegetable stock or water (optional), double cream, basil leaves, parmesan cheese (finely grated), Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the onion, [...]

  • thai special fried rice
20 Sep, 2014

Thai Fried Rice

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Thai fried rice - Authentic Thai fried rice. This recipe was given to me by my cousin's Thai nanny. There are no exact sciences here - just add what vegetables and soy, fish sauce, chilli and garlic to your own tastes. - thai rice (Jasmine), broccoli, spring onions (chopped), onion (diced), sweetcorn, Peas, Chilli, garlic [...]