• red lentil chilli
2 Mar, 2016

Red lentil chilli

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Ever fancy a meat-free day, but miss that taste and texture?  Let me tell you that the vegetarians are definitely onto something here.  This is in guises a meaty texture chilli.  I love this dish, its raw simplicity and perfect for bulk cooking and the ability to freeze dishes ahead for those busy days.  Oh, [...]

  • italian meatballs
19 Feb, 2016

Simple Italian meatballs

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Mention meatballs, who turns their noses up at this meal.  There are many ways with many ingredients, but this recipe has been condensed down to save time and money.  For a variety, why not mix up the pork mince with some beef mince (lean of course).  If you have no mince about, you could always [...]

  • pepperoni and mozarella pizza
5 Oct, 2014

Pizza with beer

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Pizza with beer - A Neopolitan dough recipe. In Italian know as pizza alla birra Moretti. - For pizza dough: fresh yeast (or 5gr dried yeast), Birra Moretti (or other light beer (at room temperature)), tepid water, strong white bread flour (or '0' flour), salt, For the topping: italian plum tomatoes, dried oregano (heaped spoon), [...]