• pea and ham soup
29 Feb, 2016

Pea and ham soup

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The first thing you see about pea soup is the vibrancy of the dish, which is equally matched by the freshness and sweetness that comes through from the peas.  There are few ingredients here, so the peas really do speak for themselves.  If you can make the chicken or vegetable stock, then you will have [...]

  • Crocché and mozzarella toasties
5 Oct, 2014

Potato croquettes

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Potato croquettes - An original Italian recipe generations old and in my opinion, the best potato croquettes with smoked cheese. In Italian, these are known as crocché di patate. - potatoes (floury, like Maris Piper), smoked cheese (like scamorza), ham (or cooked bacon diced), grana padano (grated or parmesan), pecorino cheese (grated or more parmesan), [...]