• welsh cakes
23 Apr, 2016

Welsh cakes

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Although readily available in UK supermarkets, I had forgotten how good Welsh cakes taste.  Recently I found a traditional recipe, given to my grandmother from her Welsh neighbour 10 - 15 years ago. Everytime we visited, Ivy would come around with an ice-cream tub full of them.  I can still remember that smell. I have [...]

  • sticky date pudding with caramel sauce
6 Mar, 2016

Sticky date & sultana pudding

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This is a take on the British classic, sticky toffee pudding.  Yes, it's sticky, yes it's calorific and yes a family favourite for those with a sweet tooth.  This recipe embraces the pressure cooker and makes it a simple, quick, but delicious dessert that will impress dinner guests or family and something you don't have [...]

15 Feb, 2016

Health rusks

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Health rusks - These are like muesli bars and slightly crumblier than buttermilk rusks. You can always swap ingredients for an even healthier version...i.e. replace the butter and sugar for oil and natural sugar alternatives. - sugar, butter (melted), bran flakes (crushed), self raising flour, baking powder, salt, sultanas (or raisins), milk (at room temperature), [...]

  • buttermilk rusks (Karringmelkbeskuit) ouma rusks
15 Feb, 2016

Buttermilk rusks (karringmelk beskuit)

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Buttermilk rusks, karringmelk beskuit in Afrikaans are probably the most popular choice and most traditional flavour when it comes down to a rusk.  A true staple in most South African's diet, or at least they are to the expats I know.  These are hard 'double-baked' biscuits and make the perfect dunkers/dippers in tea and coffee.  [...]

  • low calorie lemon drizzle cake
5 Dec, 2015

Light lemon drizzle cake

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Light lemon drizzle cake - A lighter version of the ever popular lemon drizzle cake. The version drops the butter in favour of rapeseed oil and fat free yoghurt, making it lower in saturated fat and carbs. - self raising flour, baking powder, ground almonds, polenta, lemons (finely grated), golden caster sugar, rapeseed oil, eggs, [...]

  • banana bread loaf
14 Aug, 2015

Fantastic banana bread

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Fantastic banana bread - This banana bread loaf is so light and moist and so good served with a cup of tea, as an afternoon snack or for lunch and under 250 calories per slice it is perfect for those who want a treat, but are counting calories. - unsalted butter (softened), xylitol (or caster [...]

  • cranberry, pistachio and orange mini loaf cakes
12 Jan, 2015

Cranberry, pistachio and orange drizzle mini loaf cakes

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Cranberry, pistachio and orange drizzle mini loaf cakes - These mini loaf cakes are a perfect size for morning brunch and not overly sweet with the orange drizzle frosting being offset by the tart cranberries. - unsalted butter (softened), caster sugar, eggs (medium), self raising flour, baking powder, cranberries (fresh), pistachio nuts (roughly chopped), granulated [...]

  • dark chocolate and amond cupcakes
18 Nov, 2014

Vanilla, dark chocolate & almond cupcakes

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Vanilla, dark chocolate & almond cupcakes - These easy, yummy cupcakes won't be around for long and can be in the oven from start in under 20 minutes, using my all in one recipe below. - butter or margarine (butter softened), caster sugar, self raising flour (sifted), ground almonds (sifted), baking powder, vanilla essence or [...]

  • halloween cupcakes
7 Nov, 2014

Halloween cupcakes

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Halloween cupcakes - Great, fun sweet treats for the kids and adults alike to celebrate the spooky season! - butter or margarine (butter softened), caster sugar, self raising flour (sifted), ground almonds (sifted), baking powder, vanilla essence or extract, eggs (medium and beaten), Cake decoration: dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids minimum), butter (knob of butter [...]

  • simple cheese scones
3 Nov, 2014

Simple cheese scones

By |November 3rd, 2014|Lunch, Recipes, Snacks|2 Comments

Simple cheese scones - These are delicious little morsels, great covered in butter while still warm and an impressive addition to an afternoon tea or lunch. - self raising flour (or 500ml), baking powder (or 15ml), salt (large pinch), cayenne pepper (chilli powder or mustard powder (optional)), strong cheddar cheese (or 250ml), sunflower or vegetable [...]