• sticky date pudding with caramel sauce
6 Mar, 2016

Sticky date & sultana pudding

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This is a take on the British classic, sticky toffee pudding.  Yes, it's sticky, yes it's calorific and yes a family favourite for those with a sweet tooth.  This recipe embraces the pressure cooker and makes it a simple, quick, but delicious dessert that will impress dinner guests or family and something you don't have [...]

  • sunday british roast beef dinner
31 Jul, 2015

Roast silverside beef & onion gravy

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Roast silverside beef & onion gravy - For us Brits, there is nothing more traditional than a classic roast beef dinner on a Sunday. For many, it can be a tough ask to cook a joint of meat. Follow this for perfect beef...EVERY time. - Beef: Beef joint (Topside or silverside), garlic (crushed), sea salt, [...]

  • thai red peanut pork curry
3 Jan, 2015

Quick Thai pork & peanut curry

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Quick Thai pork & peanut curry - This versatile dish can be made from chicken, lamb, beef or fish. It can be made in advance and leftovers can be frozen. - vegetable oil, spring onions (sliced), coriander (stalks finely chopped, leaves picked), tenderloin pork (sliced), red thai curry paste, peanut butter, soft brown sugar, soy [...]

  • turkey red thai peanut curry & rice
19 Dec, 2014

Thai turkey and peanut curry

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Red thai turkey curry - This Thai red curry is a great tasting dish, perfect for any leftover meat. Turkey can substituted for chicken, pork, beef or even prawns. Will feed a family at six. Serve with Jasmine or fragrant thai rice. - turkey meat (mixture of breast and thigh/wing/leg meat sliced), sunflower or vegetable [...]

28 Sep, 2014

Bread pudding

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Bread pudding - This is a family favourite and something I grew up eating as a kid. This recipe is my late Grandmother's. - bread (stale), mixed fruit, soft brown sugar, shredded suet, mixed spice, eggs (beaten), Break the bread into small pieces and soak in cold water for at least 30 minutes. Strain the [...]

  • chocolate cake
24 Sep, 2014

Chocolate and pear sponge

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Chocolate and pear sponge - A sweet chocolate pudding. Not heavy and great served with fresh cream or mascarpone. - butter or margarine (softened if necessary), soft brown sugar, self raising flour (sifted), baking powder, cocoa powder, eggs (beaten), vanilla essence or extract (optional), pears (cored and halved), Beat the sugar and butter until smooth. [...]