• honey sesame chicken
25 Apr, 2016

Honey sesame chicken

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This is a real comfort food meal, Chinese style - if there is such a thing.  This is a typical dish you order from your Chinese restaurant, but made simple and quick with the use of a pressure cooker (cooks and keeps the chicken succulent).  Serve with rice for the perfect crowd pleaser.Honey sesame chicken [...]

  • quick & easy chicken casserole
6 Mar, 2016

Quick & easy chicken casserole

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Why spend hours waiting for a moreish family size casserole, when you speed up the cooking time to around 40 minutes in a pressure cooker.  It still has an intensity of flavour and is a remarkably light dish.Quick & easy chicken casserole - Good-value dish of chicken, veg and potatoes stew that can be on [...]

  • chicken strips with greens - leeks, peas and spring onions
2 Feb, 2016

Chicken strips with greens

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This evening meal idea came about as I wanted to use up a drawer full of greens and had a pack of chicken strips coming to its sell by date.  This dish is so delicious and can be prepared and cooked in under 25 minutes.  The chicken will give you a protein-rich dish and the [...]

  • courgette fritters and salad
30 Oct, 2015

Courgette fritters

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Courgette fritters - Also know as zucchini, these veggie fritters are great for a last minute snack, or as part of a meal substituting potatoes. I often mix the courgette with carrot to give it a sweeter edge. Very moreish! - courgettes (grated), plain flour, large eggs (lightly beaten), salt, spring onions (chopped), fat free [...]

  • spicy prawn, mango and black rice
5 May, 2015

Spicy prawn, mango salad & black rice

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Spicy prawn, mango salad & black rice - A delicious Thai inspired rice dish, with prawns, hot chilli, fresh mango, avocado and crispy red cabbage salad and sharp lime wedges. What is there not to like? The nutty texture of the rice and crunch from the red cabbage prevents this dish from becoming all one [...]

  • poached salmon in creme fraiche
5 Feb, 2015

Salmon in crème fraîche with greens

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Salmon in crème fraîche with greens - This salmon dish is nothing short of flavoursome and the fish is moist, as it is poached in stock and creme fraiche. Peas, leeks and spring onions are your greens. High in omega-3 and low fat. - sunflower or vegetable oil, leek (thinly sliced), chicken or fish stock, [...]

  • turkey and noodle soup
4 Jan, 2015

Turkey noodle soup

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Turkey noodle soup - This is a great soup, made in under 20 minutes in ONE pot and only requires the minimum of effort. You can use turkey or chicken for this recipe. I use it for leftover meat and vegetables, usually after a Sunday roast. - chicken stock (or vegetable stock), carrots (small - [...]

  • thai red peanut pork curry
3 Jan, 2015

Quick Thai pork & peanut curry

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Quick Thai pork & peanut curry - This versatile dish can be made from chicken, lamb, beef or fish. It can be made in advance and leftovers can be frozen. - vegetable oil, spring onions (sliced), coriander (stalks finely chopped, leaves picked), tenderloin pork (sliced), red thai curry paste, peanut butter, soft brown sugar, soy [...]

  • turkey red thai peanut curry & rice
19 Dec, 2014

Thai turkey and peanut curry

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Red thai turkey curry - This Thai red curry is a great tasting dish, perfect for any leftover meat. Turkey can substituted for chicken, pork, beef or even prawns. Will feed a family at six. Serve with Jasmine or fragrant thai rice. - turkey meat (mixture of breast and thigh/wing/leg meat sliced), sunflower or vegetable [...]

  • thai special fried rice
20 Sep, 2014

Thai Fried Rice

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Thai fried rice - Authentic Thai fried rice. This recipe was given to me by my cousin's Thai nanny. There are no exact sciences here - just add what vegetables and soy, fish sauce, chilli and garlic to your own tastes. - thai rice (Jasmine), broccoli, spring onions (chopped), onion (diced), sweetcorn, Peas, Chilli, garlic [...]