• rustic date and fig bread in basket
16 Nov, 2015

Rustic date and fig bread

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Rustic date and fig bread - Bursting with fruit and a sweet flavour, this sourdough-style bread combines two types of dough and bakes in just 20 minutes. - starter dough: wholemeal flour, fast action yeast, water, 2nd dough: wholemeal flour, strong white flour, salt, butter (melted), treacle, water, figs, dates (stoned), starter dough: In a [...]

  • cinnamon swirls
10 May, 2015

Cinnamon Swirls

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Cinnamon Swirls - The smell of toasted nuts, caramelised sugar and cinnamon. Who could resist? These are easier to make than you think, if you have the time! - Swirls: strong white flour, dried yeast, honey, fine sea salt, water (tepid), olive oil, Filling: almonds, hazelnuts, unsalted butter, ground cinnamon (extra for sprinkling), honey, demerara [...]

  • slices of bread
27 Dec, 2014

The perfect breadmaker brown loaf

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The perfect breadmaker brown loaf - There are many bread recipes out there, but not all translates easily into a loaf for the breadmaker. This is fault-free recipe for a healthy 60% wholemeal brown loaf. - wholemeal flour, strong white flour, President butter (or 1 tbsp olive oil), organic yeast (active or dry yeast can [...]

25 Sep, 2014

Italian sweet dough recipe

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Italian sweet dough recipe - Known as impasto dolce in Italian. Perfect for the base dough for making doughnuts - full fat milk, yeast (fresh if possible), strong white flour, unsalted butter (at room temperature), caster sugar, salt, large eggs, Pour the milk into a pan and warm gently until it is about body temperature [...]