• mozzarella pesto arancini
28 Apr, 2015

Mozzarella pesto arancini

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Mozzarella pesto arancini - Sicilian stuffed rice balls (using left over risotto rice), these Italian morsels are fried in breadcrumbs, so have a crunchy coating, but soft centres with melted cheese. - arborio or carnaroli rice (cooked and cold), parmesan cheese, pesto, mozzarella (cut into small cubes), plain flour, egg (beaten), breadcrumbs, vegetable oil (for [...]

  • fish fingers
15 Apr, 2015

Fish fingers

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Fish fingers - Use up that left over piece of white fish - usually at the bottom of the freezer. This simple recipe will elevate the humble fish fingers in under 25 minutes to plate. The kids will love them and they are healthy; salt free and fat free. - white fish (cod, haddock, coley, [...]

  • Tiger bread
23 Mar, 2015

Tiger bread

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Tiger bread - Tiger bread is given its name from the two tone pattern on the bread, similar to that of a tiger. It really looks great on any table, impressive, but only requires one small additional process from baking a normal white loaf. - Bread: white bread flour, easy action yeast (or 15g of [...]

  • spicy chicken noodle soup laksa
25 Feb, 2015

Spicy chicken noodle soup

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Spicy chicken noodle soup - This dish is also referred to as Laksa, with origins in Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. It is a healthy and low calorie dish that can be made with chicken or prawns. Give a spicy kick and is filling as a main course. - onion (diced), red chillies (diced - use [...]

  • sweet pepper soup
24 Feb, 2015

Sweet pepper soup

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Sweet pepper soup - This recipe has been tried and tested by a friend and given to me on a scrap of paper. A 3 colour pepper soup with tomatoes is a little different, with the addition of paprika and mustard. It packs flavour, is low calorie and you'll be wanting to go back for [...]

  • skinny banana bread
17 Feb, 2015

Skinny banana bread

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Skinny banana bread - Low fat version of the delicious banana bread. I've cut down the flour with almonds and replaced the butter with yoghurt. A filling, morning treat with tea or coffee. - wholemeal flour, ground almonds, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, ripe bananas (mashed), stevia (or 4 tbsp agave syrup), fat free greek [...]

  • Plaatkoekies (Crumpets)
31 Jan, 2015

Plaatkoekies (pancakes)

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In Afrikaans this translates to stove cakes.  In Britain, we would refer to these as drop scones, which South Africa call them flapjacks.  Confused?  It is in essence thick batter being the difference to normal pancakes, or french style crepes.Plaatkoekies (pancakes) - This is a South African dish similar to British drop scones or sweet [...]

  • breakfast granola
21 Jan, 2015

Crunchy quinoa granola

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Crunchy quinoa granola - This is a tasty and healthy alternative to processed, shop bought breakfast cereal or muesli. Rich in protein and fibre, but low in saturated fat and salt. It will keep you satisfied for hours without wanting to snack. Serve with 0% greek yoghurt and top with blueberries, strawberries or banana if [...]

  • fishcakes and hollandaise
5 Jan, 2015


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Fishcakes - Fishcakes are a great way to use up leftover mashed potato. Serve with hollandaise or tartare sauce and salad. - mixed fish (cod, coley or hake, haddock, salmon, smoked haddock), mashed potato, fresh parsley (chopped), egg (beaten), salt and pepper (freshly ground), vegetable oil (for frying), Heat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5.; Put [...]

  • thai red peanut pork curry
3 Jan, 2015

Quick Thai pork & peanut curry

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Quick Thai pork & peanut curry - This versatile dish can be made from chicken, lamb, beef or fish. It can be made in advance and leftovers can be frozen. - vegetable oil, spring onions (sliced), coriander (stalks finely chopped, leaves picked), tenderloin pork (sliced), red thai curry paste, peanut butter, soft brown sugar, soy [...]