• lemon prawn and pea risotto
6 Mar, 2016

Lemon prawn & pea risotto

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Having spent many weeks at an Italian cookery school in London and taught passionately about how Italians cook their risottos, I was somewhat surprised in my pressure cooker recipe book, a way to cook risotto.  I'm sure Italians would have something to say, but of course I had a go and very pleasantly surprised with [...]

  • roast guinea fowl
23 Aug, 2015

Roasted guinea fowl

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Roasted guinea fowl - Guinea fowl are a delicious alternative to roast chicken. The birds can be just the right size for two people. This dish can utilise any seasonal root veg you may have. - onion (cut into wedges), carrots (quartered lengthways), potato (large; bite size chunks), olive oil, guinea fowl, butter, smoked streaky [...]

27 Dec, 2014

Risotto with mushrooms & saffron

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Risotto with mushrooms & saffron - In Italy it is known as risotto con funghi e zafferano - fresh stock (beef, chicken or vegetable (warm)), olive oil, shallots (finely chopped, or red onion), mushrooms (roughly chopped), garlic cloves (finely chopped), red chilli (small), salt and pepper (freshly ground), butter, arborio or carnaroli rice, white wine, [...]

  • gilt head sea bream
23 Nov, 2014

Seabream with fennel and brandy

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Seabream with fennel and brandy - This is a dish with real punch. Brandy and chili, as well as the spice of the seeds. In Italian known as Orata con semi di finocchio e brandy. - seabream fillets (cut in half), flour (for dredging), sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, fennel seeds (crushed), anchovy fillets, [...]

  • seafood fish stew
3 Nov, 2014

Tuscan fish stew

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Tuscan fish stew - This fish stew is from Livorno, on the coast of Tuscany. Also known as Cacciucco and should contain five types of fish, as many c's as there are in the name. It is similar to many fish stews cooked with tomatoes. - extra virgin olive oil, red onion (finely chopped), garlic [...]

  • saltimbocca
10 Oct, 2014

Veal parcels with parma ham

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Veal parcels with parma ham - These homemade veal escalopes with parma ham are extremely tasty! In Italian known as saltimbocca alla Romana - sage leaves, veal escalopes, parma ham, salt and pepper, plain flour (for coating), olive oil (for frying), white wine (approx qty), butter (approx qty), Place 3 - 4 sage leaves on [...]