Making your own stock is very rewarding

With winter here and the thought of delicious soups on the horizon, I thought I’d share with you the possibility of making your own stock.  This is such a satisfying, yet simple way of creating amazing stock, far superior to anything dried cubes or vacuum packed from the supermarket.  With just a few vegetables kicking around your larder and the bones of your roast meat or left over fish heads/bones, you have the base of a sauce in just a couple of hours.  All you need to is monitor it occasionally by skimming the froth of the top if present, while it simmers.

Your full flavoured stock that can be used immediately, cooled and stored in the fridge for a few days, or something you may wish to freeze until you require it.

What could be simpler and more cost effective for a sauce?

See the recipe in full here for chicken stock or the recipe for white fish stock.  Both are completely gluten-free.

Any left over bones can make you a stock and you are utilising every part of the poultry/meat/fish you purchased.  Just adjust your flavourings to suit the stock you’re making, whether it be poultry, meat or fish.  For vegetarians, simply leave out the bones and cook with a larger selection of vegetables and herbs to make a vegetable stock in the same way.

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