I simply love muffins, any time of the day.  Some recipes can be hard to replicate that fluffy centre and to avoid being dry or under-baked.  If you follow my simple base recipe for muffin batter, you can’t go wrong.  Even better is that I’ve modified the ingredients, so you can make ‘free from’ muffins for people that you know have a dairy intolerance.

A few months back, I released my basic recipe for an easy, healthy muffin mix (batter), in which you can create your own flavours, by simply adding your own choice of ingredients.  Aiming for 320g of fruit, vegetables or a mixture of both, to create your own amazing and moreish muffins.  You can find the recipe here

Now that you have the recipe, here are my four favourite flavours (in no particular order) to get you inspired to bake your own – click the links to view the recipes:

healthy plum and cinammon muffins

Chocolate, banana and vanilla muffins

These are probably a kid’s favourite flavour, as the contain chocolate.  The great thing is the banana brings a healthy sweetness to the muffin, which not detracting from the chocolate (I use raw cocoa powder (without added sugar, dark tasting).  I often substitute raw cocoa powder for the chips, or use bitter-sweet chocolate.  This has a much lower content of saturated fats and butter, that are usually added to white and milk chocolate, making this a healthier option than you will find in the supermarket.  One note of caution here, when making the muffins, all that cocoa powder can make the mixture dry, so if it looks claggy, remember to add 1 – 2 tablespoons of milk or water to loosen it up.

Healthy morning muffins

These are my absolute favourite and perfect for anyone health conscious, but still wants a treat.  At around 171 calories, this recipe varies from my healthy batter base, as it contains no butter, sugar and limited flour (you could use gluten free) and accompany the ground almonds.  The sweetness is from the apple puree, which you can make sugar-free.  It also contains grated carrot and orange zest.  Giving the muffin the fullest of flavour with added fibre and vitamins.  Excellent for a post workout snack.

Low calorie spiced plum muffins

This flavour was almost stumbled upon.  In the summer I had a glut of plums and the thought of yet more poached plums, plum pie, plum crumble was overwhelming, so I chopped up a few and added some all spice and voilà.

Apple, cinnamon and sultana muffins

Who can resist these classic flavours in a muffin, right?  I’ve substituted the raisins for sultanas, as I prefer the taste and texture.  Sultanas are also plumper and sweeter, yet have less calories and sugar.

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