Loving these banners just delivered…

I have been wanting to use something eye catching for the banner, but also incorporating my own images.  I love the clean white space on my website, but felt it lacked impact at the top of the screen, so I went about looking for solutions.

Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees and looking on the internet can makes matters worse.  Too much choice can be a bad thing; not being to nail down what you want or identify what you NEED!

Then comes along Willy, a graphic designer from Malaysia via Fiverr.com  Now I’ve been given choice, which isn’t always a good thing, but hey, I am in control and can change the banner image, depending on my mood ha.

I have to start with the Chilli Jam theme don’t I?  After that, that’s how the website started.  Read more…

As soon as my developer uploads them to the world.  Job done!!

What do you think?  Like the look?

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