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  • citrus jelly vanilla panacotta
7 Jan, 2016

Vanilla panna cotta with citrus fruit

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Vanilla panna cotta with citrus fruit - A light panna cotta - the basil infused citrus fruit and jelly layer adds a fresh dimension to this dessert. - citrus jelly: citrus fruit juice (orange, grapefruit and lemon (to taste)), sugar, gelatin (1 sheet), vanilla panna cotta: gelatin (4 sheets), milk, whipping cream, sugar, vanilla beans, [...]

  • french apple tarte tatin
15 Jan, 2015

Tarte tatin

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Tarte tartin - This is a french classic dessert - usually made with apples that have been caramelised and traditionally a base of shortcrust pastry. This recipe uses ground rice to give it more texture. It can be time consuming dish to make, but rewarding results. - pastry: plain flour (plus extra for dusting), ground [...]

11 Dec, 2014

Cream Cake with Creme Patisserie

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Cream Cake with Creme Patisserie - Treat your guests with this delicious dessert of light pastry with vanilla cream. - Pastry 1: plain flour, egg yolks, soured cream, Pastry 2: plain flour, margarine (melted), Creme: semi-skimmed milk, granulated or caster sugar, plain flour, vanilla sugar ((or 1-2 tsp)), egg yolks, unsalted butter (room temperature), Pastries: [...]

  • polish easter cake
9 Dec, 2014

Polish Easter Cake

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Polish Easter Cake - This delicious sweet, yeast-based cake is traditionally baked for Easter in Poland. This half-cake, half-bread is yeast based and is typically baked for Easter, when the egg returns to the diet after the 40 day period of Lent. Traditionally it has raisins inside, however can also be made with no filling. [...]

  • seafood fish stew
3 Nov, 2014

Tuscan fish stew

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Tuscan fish stew - This fish stew is from Livorno, on the coast of Tuscany. Also known as Cacciucco and should contain five types of fish, as many c's as there are in the name. It is similar to many fish stews cooked with tomatoes. - extra virgin olive oil, red onion (finely chopped), garlic [...]

27 Sep, 2014

Torinese breadsticks

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Torinese breadsticks - Known in Italian as Grissini Torinesi - '00' flour (called double zero flour), fresh yeast (or 7gr dried), milk (tepid), parmesan cheese, butter (softened), salt, Preheat the oven to 160C/325F/Gas 3. Mix the yeast with tepid milk. Blend the remaining ingredients together in a bowl. ; Pour in the yeasted milk and [...]