• fat free & sugar free fruit cake
29 Oct, 2015

Fat-free & sugar-free fruit cake

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I know that fruit cake can be a bit like Marmite.  You either like dried fruit, love a Christmas cake or pudding or give it a wide berth!  Don't overlook this recipe quite yet. Yes, this recipe has dried fruit at its core, but isn't in anyway heavy, dense or calorific as you might expect. [...]

  • amaretti biscuits
3 May, 2015


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Amaretti - Amaretti is the Italian name for macaroons, which means little bitter things. Originating in Venice Italy during the renaissance period, these almond biscuits are crisp on the outside and slightly chewy inside. - ground almonds, icing sugar (sifted), egg (white only), almond extract, flaked almonds (blanched for decoration (optional)), Preheat the oven to [...]

  • soft sienese bisciuits - ricciarelli
30 Dec, 2014

Soft sienese biscuits

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Soft sienese biscuits - In Italy, these are known as Ricciarelli, which originate from Siena, are traditionally given as Christmas gifts in Italy. - plain flour (sifted), ground sweet almonds, bitter almonds, icing sugar, baking powder, caster sugar, egg whites, Preheat the oven to 150C/350F/Gas 3. Cover a baking sheet with greaseproof paper and set [...]

  • cantuccini - tuscan almond biscuits
30 Dec, 2014

Tuscan almond biscuits

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Tuscan almond biscuits - Known in Italy as cantuccini. These are the classic twice-baked Italian biscuits. They are hard and dry, which makes them perfect for dunking in coffee. They can also be served with tea or dessert wine. - plain flour, caster sugar, almonds (or green pistachios), eggs, lemon (zest only), baking powder, Pre-heat [...]

  • chocolate & hazelnut cake
21 Oct, 2014

Chocolate and almond cake

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Chocolate & almond cake - Little nuggets of almonds pack out this dense cake, full of wicked chocolate indulgence. Known in Italy as a Torta Caprese. - almonds (skinned), dark chocolate (broken into squares - minimum 70% cocoa solids), butter, eggs (separated), caster sugar, Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Grease a loose bottomed 23cm [...]

  • slice of almond and orange tunisian cake with fork
26 Sep, 2014

Tunisian (free from) almond & orange cake

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I was given a Tunisian almond and orange cake recipe several years ago and I baked it at the time and remember those amazing aromas coming from my kitchen.  I love any citrus flavours!  Recently I decided to adapt the recipe slightly to a 'free-from' version.  At the same time, adjusting the flavours slightly.  My [...]

21 Sep, 2014

Congress tarts

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Congress tarts - These are amazing. Buttery pastry filled with jam and almond filling (llike frangipane). This is an old recipe left by my grandmother. While the size of her cup measurements is a mystery, many family members have tried to replicate this recipe. - Filling: melted butter, caster sugar, egg (beaten), ground rice, almond [...]