30 Dec, 2014

Layered amaretto cream & berry pudding

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Layered amaretto cream & berry pudding - Known in Italy as Zuppa Inglese. This is similar to a good old English trifle, but uses fresh custard and cream. - mixed fresh berries (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries), caster sugar, lemon (zest only), sponge fingers (amaretti biscuits) (broken into pieces), vanilla custard cream, mascarpone, amaretto, water, Wash [...]

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30 Dec, 2014

Amaretto cream

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Amaretto cream - In Italy known as Crema di amaretto - mascarpone, double cream, caster sugar, amaretto, Mix all the ingredients together in a medium bowl, using a hand whisk.; Adjust the mount of liqueur and sugar to taste and keep chilled. To serve, use two dessert spoons to form quenelles.; - Variations: Use Grand [...]