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15 Jul, 2015

No-bake citrus cheesecake

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No-bake citrus cheesecake - If you love citrus, this is the dessert for you - an easy, no bake cheesecake that takes only 30 minutes to prepare. Serve with fresh raspberries and a dusting of icing sugar. - digestive biscuits (crushed), ginger nut biscuits (crushed), butter (melted), lemons (zest & juice), limes (zest & juice), [...]

  • cornbread
9 Apr, 2015

The British-American cornmeal debate

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While travelling through America and staying with friends, I encountered Cornbread, which is something we simply don't have in the UK.  It is rather calorific, but I love taking a wedge or as a corn muffin for one of those American long journeys.  While in Chicago about five years ago, I nearly ate one too [...]

  • cornbread
28 Mar, 2015


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Cornbread - Modern American cornbread is found throughout America in the form of wedges, muffins etc. Base ingredient of maize or corn meal, they used to be called ashe or hoe cakes and were taken on long journeys. - yellow corn meal, plain flour, buttermilk (or half and half), melted butter, egg, sugar, baking powder, [...]