• calamari squid rings
23 Oct, 2014

Deep fried calamari

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Deep fried calamari - Known in Italian as Calamari fritti - calamari, milk, plain flour (for dredging), salt (to season), sunflower oil (for frying), Cut the squid into rings, measuring approximately 2-3cm. Place the rings into milk and then into flour, sieve off excess flour.; Fry the rings in a fryer or saucepan with hot [...]

10 Oct, 2014

Steak with rocket & parmesan

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Grilled steak with rocket & parmesan - This is a great sharing or antipasti dish with thinly cut steak slices, dressed with balsamic, rocket and parmesan. Known in Italian as tagliata di manzo con la rucola - sirloin steak, rocket leaves, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, Grill the steak on both sides. Cut them into thin [...]

  • Crocché and mozzarella toasties
5 Oct, 2014

Potato croquettes

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Potato croquettes - An original Italian recipe generations old and in my opinion, the best potato croquettes with smoked cheese. In Italian, these are known as crocché di patate. - potatoes (floury, like Maris Piper), smoked cheese (like scamorza), ham (or cooked bacon diced), grana padano (grated or parmesan), pecorino cheese (grated or more parmesan), [...]

  • fish and fennel and orange salad
5 Oct, 2014

Carpaccio of sea bream & fennel salad

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Carpaccio of sea bream & fennel salad - In Italian known as Carpaccio di orata con insalata di finocchi e arance. Fresh Italian style starter or as antipasti - For the marinade: extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice (about 1/2 lemon), thyme (finely chopped), flat leaf parsley (finely chopped), salt, For fennel and orange salad: [...]

  • caponata
27 Sep, 2014

Sweet and sour aubergine stew

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Sweet and sour aubergine stew - In Sicily, there are at least 40 variations of this recipe. It is usually served as part of antipasti with cured meat. Known in Italy as Caponata. - aubergine (diced), salt and pepper, olive oil, celery (chopped), italian plum tomatoes (tinned), caster sugar, red wine vinegar, capers (heaped), olives [...]

  • italian bruschetta
27 Sep, 2014


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Bruschetta - A great starter of toasted bread, with a delicious topping of tomato and garlic sauce. Known in Italian as bruschetta con pomodori. - fresh tomatoes (best quality you can find), fine sea salt, garlic (peeled and crushed), basil (12 large leaves), thyme (or 1 heaped teaspoon), extra virgin olive oil, flat leaf parsley, [...]

  • ricotta stuff aubergine rolls
27 Sep, 2014

Aubergines, ricotta & mint in tomato sauce

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Aubergines, ricotta, mint in tomato sauce - A fantastic vegetarian antipasti (starter). Roasted aubergines with a filling of ricotta and mint, covered with tomato sauce. - aubergines (sliced into 1cm lengths), extra virgin olive oil, black pepper (freshly ground), ricotta, chives (finely chopped), fresh mint (finely chopped), parmesan cheese (finely grated), See Italian tomato sauce [...]

  • italian olive and peccorino breadsticks
25 Sep, 2014

Olive, herb and pecorino breadsticks

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Olive, herb and pecorino breadsticks - Known as Grissini con olive, erbe e pecorino in Italian. Very tasty and impressive looking snacks or served as antipasti. See my focaccia dough recipe for base dough. - quick focaccia dough (rested), purple olives, such as kalamata (stone in), pecorino cheese (or parmesan if you prefer), herbs de [...]

  • focaccia
25 Sep, 2014


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Focaccia - Known as Impasto focaccia in Italian - focaccia and pizza dough. The same method of dough making. - fresh yeast, strong white bread flour, salt, extra virgin olive oil, tepid water, plain white flour (for dusting), extra virgin olive oil (for drizzling and oiling bowl), rock salt (for sprinkling), Put the flour into [...]