• italian meatballs
19 Feb, 2016

Simple Italian meatballs

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Mention meatballs, who turns their noses up at this meal.  There are many ways with many ingredients, but this recipe has been condensed down to save time and money.  For a variety, why not mix up the pork mince with some beef mince (lean of course).  If you have no mince about, you could always [...]

  • minced beef cottage pie
3 Aug, 2015

Cottage pie v shepherd’s pie – the debate

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Interestingly as a Brit myself, there is always a debate over what contents makes up these pies.  What is agreed is that they are made from the leftover meat from a Sunday Roast.  Whether it be lamb or beef.  In short it is a meat pie, with a crust of mashed potato. The term cottage [...]

  • rare roast beef silverside
31 Jul, 2015

Cooking Tip #14 – Roasting beef perfectly

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When it comes to roasting joints for that perfect Sunday Roast, I tend to use Topside or Silverside joints of beef when roasting.  From an area of the cow known as the 'Round' area, just below the rump.  The cuts are of the inner muscle of the thigh.  My choice because 1) they are flavoursome [...]

  • beef dinner plate
19 Jan, 2015

Slow cooked beef brisket in beer

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Slow roasted beef brisket in beer - Marvellously slow cooked beef brisket with beef that just falls apart. The perfect family dish any time. Serve with tasty parsnips, carrots and mushrooms. Perfectly accompanied with garlic and rosemary roast potatoes. - brisket (boned and rolled), onions (diced), carrots (sliced), large flat mushrooms (thick sliced), brown ale [...]