• super healthy rusks (beskuit) on a plate
11 Feb, 2016

Super healthy rusks (free-from)

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I love South African rusks (not to be confused with baby rusks in the UK & Ireland), but they are not on my radar with my careful eating, so I wanted to try and find a way of still enjoying a rusk or two.  The traditionalists out there might scoff.  But, with the help of [...]

  • chocolate coconut cookies
26 May, 2015

Chocolate & coconut bake-free cookies

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Chocolate & coconut bake free cookies - Low calorie sweet treats, suitable for all food types. Naturally sweetened and flavoured with coconut flakes and coconut sugar. A healthy eat cookie! - almond milk (unsweetened), coconut sugar, coconut oil, raw cocoa powder, shredded coconut, rolled oats, almond butter, vanilla extract, sea salt, salted peanuts (optional), Line [...]

  • amaretti biscuits
3 May, 2015


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Amaretti - Amaretti is the Italian name for macaroons, which means little bitter things. Originating in Venice Italy during the renaissance period, these almond biscuits are crisp on the outside and slightly chewy inside. - ground almonds, icing sugar (sifted), egg (white only), almond extract, flaked almonds (blanched for decoration (optional)), Preheat the oven to [...]

  • oat biscuit
26 Feb, 2015

Orange n’ chocolate oat biscuits

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Orange n' chocolate oat biscuits - These oat, orange, sultana and chocolate biscuits are so moreish and they fill the house with yummy smells. Perfect to show off to your friends with and all under 30 minutes. - butter, light brown sugar (muscavado), egg, banana (ripe and mashed), vanilla extract, orange zest, orange juice, wholemeal [...]

  • all good rocky road bars
3 Feb, 2015

All good rocky road bars

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All good rocky road - Yes, there is a healthy version of the rocky road snack bars. A no cook tray bake, packed with nuts and seeds. Low fat, low sugar and no added salt. High in protein, fibre and vitamins. - raw cocoa powder, almond butter (or use 4 x 185gr dark chocolate, melted), [...]

  • sticky plum flapjacks
14 Jan, 2015

Sticky flapjack bars

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Sticky flapjack bars - These sticky finger licking treats will please the whole family. The macerated plums add a sweet, sticky element to a humble flapjack. You could always replace with other soft fruit of your choice. - plums (ripe - halved, stoned and roughly sliced), mixed spice, light muscavado sugar (or soft dark brown [...]

  • cantuccini - tuscan almond biscuits
30 Dec, 2014

Tuscan almond biscuits

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Tuscan almond biscuits - Known in Italy as cantuccini. These are the classic twice-baked Italian biscuits. They are hard and dry, which makes them perfect for dunking in coffee. They can also be served with tea or dessert wine. - plain flour, caster sugar, almonds (or green pistachios), eggs, lemon (zest only), baking powder, Pre-heat [...]

  • vanilla shortbread
14 Dec, 2014

Vanilla shortbread

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Vanilla shortbread - These buttery treats are great any time of the year. Perfect accompaniment to a dessert or coffee. - plain flour (sifted), salted butter (chilled), caster sugar, vanilla essence or extract, free range egg yolks (large), Mix the butter and sugar and plain flour until to resembles breadcrumbs, then add your vanilla essence/extract [...]

  • rosemary & parmesan shortbread biscuits
7 Dec, 2014

Parmesan & rosemary shortbread biscuits

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Parmesan & rosemary shortbread biscuits - These biscuits melt and crumble in the mouth, so you'll be wanting to go back for more. If you want the house to fill with the smells of baking, look no further! - plain flour, parmigiano reggiano (grated), unsalted butter (softened), egg yolks, black pepper, rosemary (chopped, to serve), [...]

24 Sep, 2014

Fork biscuits

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Fork biscuits - Yummy treats and very easy to bake. Very versatile for those unexpected guests and great to make with children. This recipe was given to me by an old school friend, Tania, which in turn was passed down by an elderly friend. - caster sugar, butter, self raising flour (if using plain flour, [...]