• apricot energy balls
6 Apr, 2015

Apricot energy muesli bites

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Apricot energy muesli bites - Packed with nutrition from dried apricots, these energy muesli balls are a fabulous, healthy morning snack. Contains no processed sugar and only natural fat. - muesli (toasted), dried apricots (chopped), agave syrup (or honey), almond butter, water (not necessary if using regular butter instead of nut butter), shredded coconut, Blitz [...]

  • healthy chocolate energy bites
17 Feb, 2015

Bake-free chocolate energy bites

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Bake-free chocolate energy bites - A chocoholics dream, but without the guilt, as there's no added sugar (only sweetness from the dates) and only 61 calories per ball. Packed with seeds and nuts, they will keep you full until your next meal! - hazelnuts (substitute with your choice), rolled oats, ground flax seeds, raw cocoa [...]