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16 Sep, 2015

Hindi wedding feasts and dishes

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A Hindi Wedding Feast If you are ever lucky enough to be invited to an Indian wedding, be prepared for the party to end all parties. Indian weddings have gained a well-deserved reputation for their sumptuous colours, beautiful costumes, lively dance-floor action and - above all - the glorious food that can make or break [...]

31 Mar, 2015

Cookware comparison

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I thought I'd share this post made by our friends at Fix.com.  If you are looking to invest in cookware, NOW would be a good time to check out their blog post.  All the pros and cons answered for you to make those important decisions financially and help you keep your cookware at its best [...]

2 Jan, 2015

Three Spices Culinary Adventure

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Spices A variety of spices are what make world cuisine so appetizing. In fact, it’s the very flavor profile imparted by the use of specific spices that identifies the culture, the cuisine and even the preferences in how one’s food is prepared. Imagine… […]

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18 Dec, 2014

COMING SOON: Monthly newsletter “Bitesize”

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Chilli Jam's monthly newsletter is coming soon!! Need some cookery ideas?  Time saving and healthy options to cook?  Then this newsletter is aimed at you. News - food news, reviews, along with website developments at Chilli Jam Recipe of the month - Pick of our recipe database; our favourite recipe featured Mamma's tips - Mum [...]

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20 Nov, 2014

Website news from Chilli Jam

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We successfully launched the Chilli Jam website - serving the whole online community as a platform for food lovers and even those just with a general interest in food.  You can find recipes to print and share.  Why not upload one of your favourites and allow other visitors to rate and comment and generally share [...]

  • fruit and vegetables
18 Nov, 2014

5 foods you should buy organic

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Many people are still in contention over whether or not they should buy organic produce. Some aren’t convinced of its benefits yet and some still think that it costs more than non-organically grown produce. But is the minute savings really worth it? Ingesting artificial hormones and chemicals like strong pesticides is definitely not good for [...]

  • shipton mill
14 Nov, 2014

Review: Shipton Mill flour

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Shipton Mill - "It's all in the flour" Let me ask you a question...Are you happy with your bread or flour purchases?  Do you like artisan breads, organic produce, or know exactly what goes into your baking? I have been rather underwhelmed for a number of years with my purchases of mass produced bread, tasting [...]

  • decaffeinated coffee review - decadent decaf
8 Nov, 2014

Decaffeinated coffee or not?

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Review of Decadent Decaf Coffee company's decaffeinated coffee range. Surprisingly, after speaking to many people, there are clear divisions by some about whether we should be drinking coffee at all.  Some are steadfast that decaffeinated is the only way to go.  Others are dead against decaffeinated coffee, saying it's sub-standard, or a chemically produced, artificial [...]

  • new website launch chilli jam
6 Oct, 2014

NEW website launch

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Chilli Jam a new website launch is happening within the next 3 weeks.  An exciting website that will give the user a chance to search for some really great recipes to cook. Post their own and leave comments on other people's recipes.  This will provide a platform for everyone, no matter what their culinary level [...]