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1 Jun, 2015

Cooking Tip #13 – Making breadcrumbs

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Making breadcrumbs might sound like such a simple kitchen task - and it is, if done right. Thinking back to when my Mum and Nan's made them, they just used ordinary bread, crusts and all.  BUT, sometimes they wouldn't always be crispy or taste greasy. Have you heard of Panko breadcrumbs?  No, they're not another [...]

  • mozzarella pesto arancini
28 Apr, 2015

Mozzarella pesto arancini

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Mozzarella pesto arancini - Sicilian stuffed rice balls (using left over risotto rice), these Italian morsels are fried in breadcrumbs, so have a crunchy coating, but soft centres with melted cheese. - arborio or carnaroli rice (cooked and cold), parmesan cheese, pesto, mozzarella (cut into small cubes), plain flour, egg (beaten), breadcrumbs, vegetable oil (for [...]

  • fish fingers
15 Apr, 2015

Fish fingers

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Fish fingers - Use up that left over piece of white fish - usually at the bottom of the freezer. This simple recipe will elevate the humble fish fingers in under 25 minutes to plate. The kids will love them and they are healthy; salt free and fat free. - white fish (cod, haddock, coley, [...]