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2 Jan, 2015

Two recipes to use leftover blue cheese

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What can you do with any left over blue cheese?  All the crackers are gone and you still have a block.  Here are two of my favourite recipe ideas that have blue cheese in them (Stilton).  Give them a try.  They are easy and quick and will be family favourites and vegetarian friendly. Typically after [...]

  • broccoli and stilton soup
2 Jan, 2015

Broccoli & stilton soup

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Broccoli & stilton soup - A great tasting,smooth and creamy; popular during the winter months. A smooth blended vegetable soup with blue cheese that's a great comforting meal or just as good for a dinner party starter. - vegetable oil, onion (finely chopped), celery (sliced), leek (sliced), potato (medium - diced), sunflower or vegetable oil, [...]