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6 Feb, 2016

My four favourite muffin flavours

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I simply love muffins, any time of the day.  Some recipes can be hard to replicate that fluffy centre and to avoid being dry or under-baked.  If you follow my simple base recipe for muffin batter, you can't go wrong.  Even better is that I've modified the ingredients, so you can make 'free from' muffins [...]

  • cinnamon, oat and raisin muffins
4 Feb, 2016

Apple, cinnamon & sultana muffins

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Apple, cinnamon & sultana muffins - Taking my healthy muffin base mix, I've created the classic flavour combo of apple, cinnamon and sultanas. I choose sultanas over raisins as they are plumper, have more sweetness, yet less sugar. For the final touch and for added texture, I sprinkle rolled oats on top, before baking (omit [...]

  • fat free & sugar free fruit cake
29 Oct, 2015

Fat-free & sugar-free fruit cake

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I know that fruit cake can be a bit like Marmite.  You either like dried fruit, love a Christmas cake or pudding or give it a wide berth!  Don't overlook this recipe quite yet. Yes, this recipe has dried fruit at its core, but isn't in anyway heavy, dense or calorific as you might expect. [...]

  • low calorie apple cake
16 Oct, 2015

Low fat apple cake

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Low fat apple cake - This cake is light, soft with a surprisingly light crumb. You can make this free-from and makes a perfect, low calorie, indulgent feeling snack, all under 140 calories per slice. - dessert apples (golden delicious or granny smith), eggs (large), golden caster sugar, xylitol, lemon (zested), salt, plain flour (sifted), [...]

  • chocolate courgette traybake plate
22 Aug, 2015

Chocolate courgette tray-bake

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Chocolate courgette tray-bake - While this cake might sound strange, it is lovely and moist from the courgette, just like a carrot cake. For the more health conscious, the recipe can be adapted as a 'free from' bake. - eggs (beaten), sunflower or vegetable oil (or coconut oil), almond milk, xylitol (or sugar), plain flour [...]

  • banana bread loaf
14 Aug, 2015

Fantastic banana bread

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Fantastic banana bread - This banana bread loaf is so light and moist and so good served with a cup of tea, as an afternoon snack or for lunch and under 250 calories per slice it is perfect for those who want a treat, but are counting calories. - unsalted butter (softened), xylitol (or caster [...]

  • beetroot chocolate cake
21 May, 2015

Beetroot and chocolate cake

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Beetroot and chocolate cake - Dark, moist and fudgey chocolate with the added health benefits of beetroot. This indulgent but healthier cake utilises ground almonds, coconut oil/sugar and is vegetarian, wheat and dairy free. Great served with crème fraîche or cream. - cooked beetroot, ground almonds, milk drinking chocolate, baking powder (gluten free), salt, coconut [...]

  • banana fruit bread (free-from)
1 May, 2015

Banana fruit bread (free-from)

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Banana fruit bread - This healthy, low calorie version of banana bread with added coconut, mixed spice and sultanas. The recipe is wheat, gluten and dairy free and low sugar (processed sugar free). - rice flour, coconut oil, xylitol (or 10g stevia), sultanas, eggs, ripe bananas (small-medium), cornflour (organic, gluten free), desiccated coconut, ground almonds, [...]

  • sticky plum flapjacks
14 Jan, 2015

Sticky flapjack bars

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Sticky flapjack bars - These sticky finger licking treats will please the whole family. The macerated plums add a sweet, sticky element to a humble flapjack. You could always replace with other soft fruit of your choice. - plums (ripe - halved, stoned and roughly sliced), mixed spice, light muscavado sugar (or soft dark brown [...]

  • cranberry, pistachio and orange mini loaf cakes
12 Jan, 2015

Cranberry, pistachio and orange drizzle mini loaf cakes

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Cranberry, pistachio and orange drizzle mini loaf cakes - These mini loaf cakes are a perfect size for morning brunch and not overly sweet with the orange drizzle frosting being offset by the tart cranberries. - unsalted butter (softened), caster sugar, eggs (medium), self raising flour, baking powder, cranberries (fresh), pistachio nuts (roughly chopped), granulated [...]