• welsh cakes
23 Apr, 2016

Welsh cakes

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Although readily available in UK supermarkets, I had forgotten how good Welsh cakes taste.  Recently I found a traditional recipe, given to my grandmother from her Welsh neighbour 10 - 15 years ago. Everytime we visited, Ivy would come around with an ice-cream tub full of them.  I can still remember that smell. I have [...]

  • baked chocolate, banana & vanilla muffins
6 Feb, 2016

Chocolate, banana & vanilla muffins

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Chocolate, banana & vanilla muffins - Using my tried and tested healthy muffin base mix, I've created muffins from my favourite flavours. I have used raw cocoa (doesn't have added sugar) and like dark chocolate, coconut sugar instead of processed, refined cane sugar, balanced with natural sugar from the banana. This also bulks out the [...]

21 Sep, 2014

Congress tarts

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Congress tarts - These are amazing. Buttery pastry filled with jam and almond filling (llike frangipane). This is an old recipe left by my grandmother. While the size of her cup measurements is a mystery, many family members have tried to replicate this recipe. - Filling: melted butter, caster sugar, egg (beaten), ground rice, almond [...]