• duck breasts
19 Jan, 2016

Cooking Tip #16 – Perfect duck breasts in six easy steps

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Six easy steps to getting the perfectly cooked duck breast, every time! Don't be put off from trying to cook your very own duck dish.  Gressingham or barberry duck is delicious with a fruit sauce and creamy mash potato.  This was the first time I ate duck and the first time I tried cooking itself.  [...]

  • quinoa grains
21 Aug, 2015

Perfectly cooked quinoa

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Perfectly cooked quinoa - A complete protein and fantastic wheat-free alternative and almost undetectable for people with coeliac disease. Very versatile and hearty ingredient. - quinoa (rinsed), water, fine sea salt, Rinse the quinoa very well. Put in a large saucepan with the water, adding a pinch of salt.; Cook on high for 5 minutes, [...]

  • lemons and limes
26 Feb, 2015

Cooking Tip #11 – juicing citrus fruit

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Is it necessary to roll your fruit, I hear you ask!  Does it really sound that strange?  Maybe, but it's a classic tip, tried and tested many times and taught to me by a chef. So, take the fruit and gently roll it backwards and forwards with your palm on top.  The reason for doing [...]