• honey sesame chicken
25 Apr, 2016

Honey sesame chicken

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This is a real comfort food meal, Chinese style - if there is such a thing.  This is a typical dish you order from your Chinese restaurant, but made simple and quick with the use of a pressure cooker (cooks and keeps the chicken succulent).  Serve with rice for the perfect crowd pleaser.Honey sesame chicken [...]

  • quick & easy chicken casserole
6 Mar, 2016

Quick & easy chicken casserole

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Why spend hours waiting for a moreish family size casserole, when you speed up the cooking time to around 40 minutes in a pressure cooker.  It still has an intensity of flavour and is a remarkably light dish.Quick & easy chicken casserole - Good-value dish of chicken, veg and potatoes stew that can be on [...]

  • homemade bone broth in a bowl
2 Mar, 2016

All you need to know about bone broth

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Broth, which is technically a stock, is a marriage of mineral rich bones with vegetables, herbs and spices.  Perfect as a stock for flavouring soups, risottos an the base to many sauces.  The broth itself can be eaten as a soup, plain and simple. I feel that stock is the modern name used by nearly [...]

  • chicken strips with greens - leeks, peas and spring onions
2 Feb, 2016

Chicken strips with greens

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This evening meal idea came about as I wanted to use up a drawer full of greens and had a pack of chicken strips coming to its sell by date.  This dish is so delicious and can be prepared and cooked in under 25 minutes.  The chicken will give you a protein-rich dish and the [...]

  • tangy buttermilk chicken
8 Sep, 2015

Tangy buttermilk chicken

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Tangy buttermilk chicken - The combination of sweet, tangy, smokey and heat gives the marinade a nice balance and is full in flavour, so don't worry about the sour buttermilk flavour. - skinless chicken thighs (boned; approx 800g), buttermilk, rapeseed or canola oil (+ 2 tbsp), sea salt, ground cumin, chilli powder, paprika, honey (or [...]

  • citrus sunshine chicken quinoa salad
21 Aug, 2015

Sunshine chicken quinoa salad

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Sunshine chicken quinoa salad - A light summery hearty dish with creamy avos, nutty quinoa (healthy alternative to rice) and smoky chicken. Gluten and dairy free and is very flexible with ingredients. Perfect for light dinner or easy lunch. - chicken breast (skinless pieces), quinoa (washed and cooked), oranges (peeled and segmented), avocado (peeled and [...]

  • spicy chicken noodle soup laksa
25 Feb, 2015

Spicy chicken noodle soup

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Spicy chicken noodle soup - This dish is also referred to as Laksa, with origins in Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. It is a healthy and low calorie dish that can be made with chicken or prawns. Give a spicy kick and is filling as a main course. - onion (diced), red chillies (diced - use [...]

  • harissa chicken bake
17 Feb, 2015

Harissa chicken bake

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Harissa chicken bake - Low calorie chicken, flavoured with harissa spice, yoghurt and vegetables. One pot cook in the oven in less than 30 minutes. Great family meal when in a hurry. - chicken breasts (skinless and breasts slashed), harissa, fat free greek yoghurt (or natural yoghurt), butternut squash (peeled, deseeded and cut into wedges), [...]

  • chicken pie
2 Feb, 2015

Easy chicken pie

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Easy chicken pie - This recipe is for an easy chicken pie with a flaky puff or shortcrust pastry top. You could of course use turkey. - chicken (cooked meat and stripped from carcass), onion (large; peeled and diced), carrots (peeled and diced), leek (large - sliced), chestnut mushrooms (chopped; button mushrooms fine), double cream [...]

  • turkey and noodle soup
4 Jan, 2015

Turkey noodle soup

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Turkey noodle soup - This is a great soup, made in under 20 minutes in ONE pot and only requires the minimum of effort. You can use turkey or chicken for this recipe. I use it for leftover meat and vegetables, usually after a Sunday roast. - chicken stock (or vegetable stock), carrots (small - [...]