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25 Feb, 2015

Spicy chicken noodle soup

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Spicy chicken noodle soup - This dish is also referred to as Laksa, with origins in Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. It is a healthy and low calorie dish that can be made with chicken or prawns. Give a spicy kick and is filling as a main course. - onion (diced), red chillies (diced - use [...]

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8 Nov, 2014

Sweet chilli jam

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Sweet chilli jam - a deliciously sticky sauce. Sweet chilli jam is based upon the Chinese and Thai sauce (also known as jam), accompanied with the likes of chicken, pork and prawns.  It will keep for 3 months in the cupboard, if there's any left... The name of this website Chilli Jam is named after [...]

  • sweet chilli jam recipe
25 Sep, 2014

Sweet chilli jam

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Sweet chilli jam - Ever had this fabulous sauce from a Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai restaurant and wondered how they make it? I found a similar recipe to this online and making it has been very successful and brings back my days of travels through Asia. - red peppers (deseeded and roughly chopped), red chillies [...]