• sliced avocados
12 Feb, 2015

Cooking Tip #10 – slicing avocados

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Slicing avocados in their skin Do you find it hard to handle avocados, when slicing for salads or guacamole?  When peeled they can be hard to handle and your hands slip as you try to cut them.  Well not any more if you follow these quick tips! To slice avocados, firstly split them in half, [...]

  • chopping onions
15 Jan, 2015

Cooking Tip #7 – Chopping an onion

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Onions are a staple in so many dishes, yet for many of us, the thought of cutting up an onion 'brings us to tears' literally to our eyes or fills us with dread.  Partially due to lack of knowledge and secondly maybe lack of knife skills.  STOP!  That is now a thing of the past [...]