• soft sienese bisciuits - ricciarelli
30 Dec, 2014

Soft sienese biscuits

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Soft sienese biscuits - In Italy, these are known as Ricciarelli, which originate from Siena, are traditionally given as Christmas gifts in Italy. - plain flour (sifted), ground sweet almonds, bitter almonds, icing sugar, baking powder, caster sugar, egg whites, Preheat the oven to 150C/350F/Gas 3. Cover a baking sheet with greaseproof paper and set [...]

  • turkey dishes montage
27 Dec, 2014

Recipes for that leftover turkey

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Here are three of my favourite 'post Christmas' recipes that utilise all that leftover turkey meat.  In fact they're good enough to be all-year dishes and it has more flavour then chicken.  The dishes are cheap and easy to produce and they won't leave you overwhelmed with the taste of turkey for another 12 months [...]

  • vanilla shortbread
14 Dec, 2014

Vanilla shortbread

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Vanilla shortbread - These buttery treats are great any time of the year. Perfect accompaniment to a dessert or coffee. - plain flour (sifted), salted butter (chilled), caster sugar, vanilla essence or extract, free range egg yolks (large), Mix the butter and sugar and plain flour until to resembles breadcrumbs, then add your vanilla essence/extract [...]