• duck breasts
19 Jan, 2016

Cooking Tip #16 – Perfect duck breasts in six easy steps

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Six easy steps to getting the perfectly cooked duck breast, every time! Don't be put off from trying to cook your very own duck dish.  Gressingham or barberry duck is delicious with a fruit sauce and creamy mash potato.  This was the first time I ate duck and the first time I tried cooking itself.  [...]

  • garlic and rosemary roast potatoes
12 Oct, 2015

Cooking Tip #15 – The perfect roast potatoes

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We all strive to cook the perfect roast potatoes, right?  THE perfect crowd pleaser!  I'd say there are three steps to reaching your goal of perfection...who is judging you?  Yourself and a chef's benchmark to perfection, no matter what other culinary disasters you might have had in the kitchen, there is nothing that offers a [...]

  • Top listed UK food bloggers badge
3 Sep, 2015

Top UK food bloggers

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It was a total surprise last month in being contacted by a UK journalist, for inclusion on a food blogger's infographic for UK food bloggers, in his list of UK list of top food bloggers.  Clearly my site is being visited, which was my goal along with the sharing aspect.  I have started to lean [...]

  • rare roast beef silverside
31 Jul, 2015

Cooking Tip #14 – Roasting beef perfectly

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When it comes to roasting joints for that perfect Sunday Roast, I tend to use Topside or Silverside joints of beef when roasting.  From an area of the cow known as the 'Round' area, just below the rump.  The cuts are of the inner muscle of the thigh.  My choice because 1) they are flavoursome [...]

  • white bread dough
24 May, 2015

Perfect bread dough

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Perfect bread dough - A perfect dough recipe every time. Time is needed if you are hand baking, but you can use these ingredients as a basic bread recipe in a bread machine. - strong white bread flour, dried yeast, sugar, salt, water, Keep the dry and wet ingredients separate until you are ready to [...]

  • artisan bread basket
17 Apr, 2015

Cooking Tip #12 – Keeping home baked bread fresh for longer

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If like me you regularly bake bread at home, which frankly does not require me to spell out the advantages of that over shop bought bread, you will notice that the bread doesn't last as long. The preservatives and god knows what else that goes into the bread to last longer is nothing compared to [...]

  • lemons and limes
26 Feb, 2015

Cooking Tip #11 – juicing citrus fruit

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Is it necessary to roll your fruit, I hear you ask!  Does it really sound that strange?  Maybe, but it's a classic tip, tried and tested many times and taught to me by a chef. So, take the fruit and gently roll it backwards and forwards with your palm on top.  The reason for doing [...]

  • sliced avocados
12 Feb, 2015

Cooking Tip #10 – slicing avocados

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Slicing avocados in their skin Do you find it hard to handle avocados, when slicing for salads or guacamole?  When peeled they can be hard to handle and your hands slip as you try to cut them.  Well not any more if you follow these quick tips! To slice avocados, firstly split them in half, [...]

  • chopped prepped vegetables
3 Feb, 2015

Cooking Tip #9 – kitchen efficiency

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" Think of your kitchen like a production line and work cleanly " The most commonly made mistake I feel when working in the kitchen, is how we all plan out cooking a meal or several dishes.  By that I mean task planning.  Say you are cooking more than one dish requiring the same ingredient, [...]

  • dinner party setting
29 Jan, 2015

Interested in food? EIGHT reasons why Chilli Jam is for YOU!

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So you like cooking; reading about food; looking at pictures of food and you want to learn more!  Here at Chilli Jam, we are a caring, sharing website when it comes to food.  We have set up an online platform for visitors and contributors to share recipes, print off recipe cards, pick up [...]