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6 Feb, 2016

My four favourite muffin flavours

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I simply love muffins, any time of the day.  Some recipes can be hard to replicate that fluffy centre and to avoid being dry or under-baked.  If you follow my simple base recipe for muffin batter, you can't go wrong.  Even better is that I've modified the ingredients, so you can make 'free from' muffins [...]

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17 Sep, 2015

Basic healthy muffin mixture

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Basic healthy muffin mixture - Here I've created a basic and easy 'base' recipe for healthy (some call them skinny) muffins around 200cal per muffin. You can adapt this to be sweet or savoury and use whatever fruit or vegetables you wish. Eat these as a breakfast alternative, a healthy snack or something a little [...]

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3 Sep, 2015

Top UK food bloggers

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It was a total surprise last month in being contacted by a UK journalist, for inclusion on a food blogger's infographic for UK food bloggers, in his list of UK list of top food bloggers.  Clearly my site is being visited, which was my goal along with the sharing aspect.  I have started to lean [...]

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29 Jul, 2015

Seventeen MUST try smoothies this summer

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Here you are spoilt for choice with our list of smoothies. I didn't own a juicer when I started making smoothies and yes some smoothies might be too viscous for some palettes.  Personally, I like to retain as back of the goodness as possible.  For example, leaving a layer of the white membrane from an [...]

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28 Feb, 2015

Chilli Jam website’s expanded functions

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UPDATES - UPGRADES - IMPROVEMENTS We have been working behind the scenes to increase our website functions. Some of which have been directly requested by YOU! Shopping lists Every user can now create their own shopping lists by selecting a single or multiple recipes into lists.  Just tick which ingredients you need, then print it out, which [...]

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8 Jan, 2015

RSS feed of food ideas at Chilli Jam now live!

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Are you in a hurry?  Do you find it frustrating to trawl through complete websites, while you look for specific posts of interest? Well, at the request of our readers, we have now made live an RSS feed of our posts and cooking tips. You can search for product reviews, cooking tips, shortcuts and our [...]

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4 Jan, 2015

Weights ‘n measures table

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How many of you (myself included) found yourself with an amazing recipe, but it's in measures that might as well be written in a foreign language?  Cups in South Africa and USA, metric in Europe and well the UK can't decide whether it should be imperial or metric :)  There are now conversion apps for [...]

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1 Jan, 2015

Party food to impress your guests

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Happy 2015!  Most of us are all partied out after Christmas and the New Year.  Cooking AGAIN after the festive period might leave you without ideas of good dishes to entertain and impress your guests.  Look no further.  Here are EIGHT party dishes to impress your guests and get 2015 off to a great start. [...]

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31 Dec, 2014

Authentic Italian dishes you NEED to cook

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La dolce vita - 'The good life, full of pleasure and indulgence' I have compiled some fabulous, authentic Italian recipes taught to me, while studying at an Italian cookery school in London.  They cover everything from antipasti, pizza and breads, pasta, meat, fish, desserts and sweet treats, with dishes from different regions of Italy.  Some [...]

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27 Dec, 2014

Review: Leiths School of Food and Wine

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Intermediate Skills Part 1 Leiths was setup by Prue Leith (writer, restaurateur and TV personality) in the 1970s.  The school is based in West London and has become a leading cookery school in the UK for chefs looking for professional catering qualifications, but also for the likes of me, a cook enthusiast with a range [...]